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Who is Lieutenant Joshua Teo?

LTA Joshua Teo
Picture taken from Electric New Paper

He is the poster boy for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP). This dude delayed his ORD date (*GASP*!!!) by six months (*GASP GASP GASP*!!!!!!!) so that he can partake in this year’s NDP as the Gun Positioning Officer during the Presidential Gun Salute.

According the the Electric New Paper:

LTA Teo, who is taking part in the NDP for the first time, told The New Paper: ‘National Day is not something you get to take part in very often. So, to make my army experience even more memorable, I chose to extend my NS.’

The decision also meant he had to sacrifice two days a week, including Saturdays, for rehearsals. He also has to push back his undergraduate studies in tourism at the University of Western Australia by six months.

He will start his studies next January instead of this month.

He feels the sacrifices are worth it.

‘I definitely feel proud because there’s a lot of responsibility involved. I’ve enjoyed my experience so far and I hope it will be exciting for spectators.’

LTA Teo will have to shout commands in English and Malay above the deafening roar of six 25-pounder (1,800 kg) guns.

Wah lau ey! This guy is really damn ONZ sia!!!

Any guy who served National Service will know how sacred our ORD dates are. Seriously, there are GROWN MEN who will get down on their knees to weep, beg and hustle you if you threaten to extend their ORD date by just one day (not to speak of a frigging six months!).

LTA Joshua Teo….

I, Alvin Lim, NRIC S80XXXXXB salute you with all my heart!

You are truly and indeed, a very patriotic Singaporean who deserved your two chocolate bars rank.

Hope you have the time of your life at this year’s NDP. 🙂

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  1. LOL he not even ippt gold pui* i pes a now pes c still can get gold ahhahahahhahahaahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahah
    ps. guys h1n1 now, time to get mc hor. i took wah lao 18 days rofl =) now gunna take more

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