Changi Airport Group Unveils 'Shall We Just Go?' campaign - Your Ticket to Spontaneous Travel Escapades! - Alvinology

Changi Airport Group Unveils ‘Shall We Just Go?’ campaign – Your Ticket to Spontaneous Travel Escapades!

Have you ever dreamt of setting off on a thrilling journey without the hassle of meticulous planning? Well, you’re in luck! The Changi Airport Group has just launched its exciting travel campaign, ‘Shall We Just Go?’ to make your travel dreams a reality. Buckle up for a travel experience like no other!

Changi Airport Group Unveils 'Shall We Just Go?' campaign - Your Ticket to Spontaneous Travel Escapades! - Alvinology

Embark on a Mystery Adventure

Featuring six alluring mystery destinations, this 12-week campaign promises to whisk you away to the unknown. Imagine being ready to take flight within the next 30 days, and for the mere price of S$1, you could find yourself on an unforgettable adventure.

The prize package includes a pair of return air tickets and S$500 worth of vouchers for your accommodation.

Destinations Within Reach

Each of the six mystery destinations falls within a four-hour flying radius from Changi Airport and is serviced by direct flights. It’s all about spontaneity, and you don’t need to be an expert planner to participate. All you have to do is indicate your availability to travel within the next 30 days, and you’re in the running for the draw. Two lucky winners will be selected every week, with one of them being a Trust Bank customer.

But here’s the twist – two additional winners will be chosen towards the end of the campaign, and they’ll have the unique privilege of selecting their holiday destination from any of the six featured locations. This fabulous campaign is open to all Singapore residents, so get ready to take flight!

Powered by Partnerships

The ‘Shall We Just Go?’ campaign is a collaborative effort between Changi Airport Group,, and Trust Bank., the Singapore-headquartered online travel agency under the Group, provides exciting travel offerings, while Trust Bank, Singapore’s first digitally-native bank, caters to customers of all ages looking to maximize their savings, especially for travel.

Strengthening the Travel Connection

‘Shall We Just Go?’ is part of a broader initiative under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CAG and Group, aimed at igniting the passion for travel. This MOU deepens the already strong partnership between the two companies, leveraging’s reach in the world’s largest outbound travel market and Changi Airport’s extensive connectivity to Southeast Asian cities – many of which are favored by both Singaporean and Chinese travelers.

In the pipeline, there are more campaigns in the works, all designed to encourage travel between Singapore and China. One of these campaigns is geared towards inspiring the younger demographic to explore the lesser-explored secondary cities in China.

Exclusive Travel Deals

As if this adventure couldn’t get any better, you’ll find fantastic deals on as each mystery destination is revealed. For Trust Card members, there’s an extra treat with 8% off flights, capped at $50. And for those seeking travel inspiration, the ‘Shall We Just Go?’ campaign website is your one-stop shop for curated travel content and itineraries for all six destinations.

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