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‘Metamorphosis’ – Exploring Life’s Transformative Journey Through Art

In the realm of the art world, one name is on the verge of redefining creativity as we know it. Zhang YiFei, a self-taught digital artist, is making waves with her debut exhibition ‘Metamorphosis,’ set to captivate art enthusiasts and newcomers alike. This breathtaking showcase of her work promises an immersive experience filled with emotions, storytelling, and visual wonder.

The event is scheduled for 5 – 6 November 2023, and it’s all happening at The Arts House, Gallery II.

Breaking Free from Conventions

Zhang YiFei’s art challenges norms and expectations, breaking away from traditional artistic conventions. Her digital and visual creations transcend mere visuals; they are a testament to resilience in the face of adversity, an exploration of finding strength in challenging situations, and a portrayal of the human spirit’s ability to endure and overcome obstacles. Through her artwork, Zhang YiFei offers us moments of profound beauty and introspection, reminding us of the transformative power within.

A Bespoke Experience

‘Metamorphosis’ isn’t just an art exhibition; it’s an extraordinary journey into Zhang YiFei’s thoughts and emotions. The installations have been thoughtfully curated by Nicholas Lin to materialize Zhang YiFei’s creative vision. What’s more, well-known Embroidery Artist, Anni Tai from Kuala Lumpur, will be collaborating with Zhang YiFei to showcase embroidery creativity in one of the installations.

Multi-Sensory Experience

This exhibition promises a multi-sensory experience, transporting visitors to an imaginative world. Beyond engaging your visual senses, animations created by Nicole Fun will captivate your auditory senses with music by Zhang YiFei herself. With her recent EP, ‘Me and Me,’ Zhang YiFei will take you on a melodic journey. And, thanks to Samsung’s support, you’ll witness these captivating animations displayed on their state-of-the-art TV screens.

'Metamorphosis' - Exploring Life's Transformative Journey Through Art - Alvinology
Nicole Fun

Within the exhibition, three collections stand out as a testament to the transformative journey of life:

Twin Self

This collection celebrates vulnerability by acknowledging efforts and endeavors before triumphs and victories. It’s a reminder that life is all about balance, embracing our dualities, and seeking equilibrium.

'Metamorphosis' - Exploring Life's Transformative Journey Through Art - Alvinology

Between The Lines

In this collection, Zhang YiFei embraces differences and grapples with limitations. It’s a poignant reminder that making mistakes is human, and perfection is not a requirement in life’s journey.

'Metamorphosis' - Exploring Life's Transformative Journey Through Art - Alvinology


A celebration of life’s triumphs and blessings that often go unnoticed. Like the stars that twinkle in the night sky, we are all luminaries in our own right when we begin to appreciate the little things that bring us joy

'Metamorphosis' - Exploring Life's Transformative Journey Through Art - Alvinology

‘Metamorphosis’ promises to be a transformative experience for all who attend, as Zhang YiFei’s art acts as a mirror reflecting the transformative power within each of us, waiting to be unveiled. It also marks a significant milestone in Zhang YiFei’s artistic journey, illuminating the extraordinary talent of a self-taught artist.

'Metamorphosis' - Exploring Life's Transformative Journey Through Art - Alvinology

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in a captivating world through her awe-inspiring digital collection where emotions are distilled into vibrant masterpieces. And here’s the best part – 30% of the proceeds from the sale of Zhang YiFei’s artwork will be donated to Extraordinary People Limited, adding a beautiful touch of generosity to this artistic journey.

Explore Gallery II, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429, from 5 – 9 November 2023, and discover the transformative power of ‘METAMORPHOSIS.’ This is a unique opportunity to witness the debut exhibition of a rising star in the world of digital art.

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