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Is Home Warranty Worth It?

Home warranties can be an obvious choice, and should cost between $300 and $600 annually. They provide peace of mind by sending qualified contractors directly to your house when repairs or replacements need to be completed.

Before investing in a home warranty plan, it’s wise to carefully evaluate its merits and drawbacks.

Peace of Mind

Home warranties can be an ideal solution for both buyers and sellers alike, offering buyers financial security against unexpected repairs, while helping sellers find qualified contractors to make necessary repairs.

Before purchasing a home warranty policy, it is crucial that consumers understand all of its associated risks. Be wary of online search results which appear to be fake rankings for home warranty companies; always read sample contracts before making your final decision and conduct background research by searching “[company name] complaints” into search engines.

Home warranties can be invaluable in older homes that are nearing or at the end of their lifespan. They’re also useful for new homeowners as they provide access to reliable service providers – something especially valuable in a competitive real estate market.


No matter if you’re buying or protecting an existing home, home warranties provide affordable protection for appliances and systems that deteriorate due to normal wear-and-tear.

Home warranty companies generally charge monthly or annual premiums and service call fees when contractors make repairs on your behalf. While this cost can add up over time, home warranties can help shield you from unexpected repairs by covering unexpected repair expenses upfront.

When purchasing a new home, negotiate with the seller to include a home warranty as part of your purchase agreement. This can give you peace of mind knowing that system and appliance repair costs will be covered in case anything breaks soon after moving in. Adding one to an existing property could also prove beneficial should you plan to sell in the near future.


Home warranties have the power to save homeowners thousands in repair bills. But before signing any contract, it is wise to review it thoroughly in terms of both consumer reviews, the website of your state attorney general and Better Business Bureau reviews – these resources provide invaluable insight into both their reputation and what services are covered under them.

Imagine this: After discovering a damp spot on the ceiling in your living room, you contact a general contractor for an evaluation. After several hours of examination, they inform you that an leaking pipe may be at fault and need replacing immediately.

Purchase of a home warranty could save you hundreds or even thousands in repair and replacement costs, making them especially helpful to new homeowners who may lack full knowledge about the condition of their systems and appliances in their new homes. Knowing these expenses are covered can give them peace of mind as they feel secure about their decision to buy.


Home warranty contracts typically contain an exhaustive list of exclusions as you can see here; therefore, homeowners must read them closely in order to understand exactly which components of their home are covered by them and which ones may not. A warranty may not justify its cost if certain components of your home are already protected under another type of policy, such as standard homeowner’s policy or mortgage lender requirements for home ownership.

Home warranties may be unnecessary for new homes where all appliances and systems are covered under manufacturer warranties or expected to have long working lives, as these warranties don’t always cover issues caused by age or normal use – for instance a heating system installed into an older home may overtax electrical circuits and cause trip breakers or malfunctioning thermostats to trip or fail altogether.

Home warranties can be an ideal way for those wanting to avoid depleting their emergency funds through unexpected repair bills, but aren’t handy or don’t have time to research contractors themselves. A warranty gives peace of mind knowing help will always be on hand should something go amiss.

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