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Giant’s Lower Prices That Last campaign will extend till end 2023; some top products has remained the same price since 2020

Giant announces an extension of its Lower Prices That Last (LPTL) campaign till end 2023. This extension reinforces Giant’s commitment to helping customers cushion the impact of inflation and economic uncertainty, ensuring that Singaporeans can still purchase their favourite products and essentials at low prices.

With the increased GST and instability of global supply chains impacting prices across the board, Singaporeans are increasingly feeling the pinch when it comes to grocery shopping. With Lower Prices That Last, Giant aims to help consumers manage the impact on their grocery budgets by ensuring that key essentials across fresh, grocery, personal care and household remain affordable, with an average basket savings of 20%.

Same Low Prices Since 2020

Since the launch of Lower Prices That Last in 2020, Giant has been doubling down on its efforts to ensure that Singaporeans can continue to purchase their favourite products and key essential items at the same low prices. This includes:

  • Leafy Vegetables (Any 3 for $2)
  • China Golden Pomfret (2 for $6)
  • Spare Ribs ($1.20/100g)
  • Meadows Potato Chips 60g ($1)
  • Meadows Xtra Creamy Peanut Butter 510g ($5)

In addition, with the evolving needs and wants of Singapore consumers, Giant is continuously reviewing and updating products under Lower Prices That Last. You will be pleased to know that the following new products will be included:

  • Perdigao/Seara Frozen Whole Chicken Griller 1kg – $3.85 each
  • Ecuador Vannamei Prawns – $1/100g
  • Vietnam Dragonfruit – 2 for $3
  • Giant Vegetable Oil 5L – $9
  • Giant Jasmine Fragrant Rice 5kg – $6.80
  • Golden Pineapple Thai Fragrant Rice 5kg – $11.50
  • Meadows Fresh Milk Full Cream/Low Fat/Skimmed 1L – Any 2 for $5
  • Meadows UHT Milk Full Cream/Low Fat/Skimmed 1L – $1.90
  • Meadows Evaporated Creamer 390g – $1.15
  • Super 3-in-1 Coffee Assorted – $5.50
  • Milo Gao Kosong Tin 450g – $5.95
  • Meadows Enriched White Bread 400g – $1.60
  • Meadows Enriched Wholemeal Bread 420g – $2.10
  • Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner Assorted – $6.90
  • Colgate Sensitive PRO-Relief Toothpaste Assorted – $7.50
  • Dettol Antibacterial Body Wash Assorted – $14.20
  • TOP Powder Detergent Assorted – $10.95
  • Downy Concentrate Fabric Conditioner Refill Assorted – $12.90
  • Meadows Home Capsules Anti-mites/Indoor Drying – $7
  • Meadows Home Bleach Lemon/Regular 4L – $4.05
  • Kleenex 3-ply Batik Softpack 4×100 sheets – $3.75
  • Shieldtox Crawling Insect Killer Odourless – $6.90

On top of Lower Prices That Last, Giant continues to expand efforts to help you stretch your dollar even further. In January, the supermarket announced that it will be absorbing the 1% GST increase for over 700 products till June 2023. It is also the only supermarket offering senior citizens a 3% discount on all weekdays.

For even more savings, you are encouraged to sign up for the free yuu Rewards Club, which will enable you to earn points for every dollar spent. Accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards at over 1,000 places including Giant, Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Guardian Health & Beauty, and 7-Eleven.

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