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Huawei scoops Sustainable Impact Award at ITU Telecom World Awards Ceremony 2019

Huawei’s Green 5G Power solution won the Global Industry Award for Sustainable Impact at this year’s ITU Telecom World Award Ceremony in Budapest. In acknowledgement of the telecom company’s consistent efforts in enabling green, digital economies through innovative ICT solutions, Huawei was praised for its outstanding contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction of mobile networks.

The ITU’s Sustainable Impact award is aimed at highlighting this issue and encouraging enterprises to act on climate change as one of the most urgent and important of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This latest recognition of Huawei’s efforts to tackle climate issue reflects the company’s innovations in green and low-carbon communications and highlights its work to increase the data transfer efficiency and reduce energy consumption through the introduction of new technologies to energy systems.

The ultra-lean 5G site solution features:

  • A high-level of integration, removing the need equipment rooms and air conditioning for site deployment
  • One watt of electric power can be used to sustain the transfer of more than 5,000 GB of data
  • 10 to 20 times more efficient than 4G

Meanwhile, Huawei’s Green 5G Power integrates AI and IoT into the power system and increase the overall energy efficiency of 5G networks by 20%, so that a 5G site power consumption can be at the same level with a 4G site.

Sticking to the core principles of simple, intelligent and green, the Huawei Green 5G Power solution focuses more on the performance improvement of the entire site and network, instead of a single power supply component.

By deeply modular design of traditional solutions, it helps simplify network evolution. By the application of renewable energy, intelligent scheduling technology, it greatly improves full-link energy efficiency, simplifies evolution and maximises the efficiency of each connection. By synergies of power systems with main equipment, and PowerStar, the AI-based network-level energy conservation solution, Green 5G Power solution maximises the utilisation of site resources and helps 5G network deployment to be faster, more saving, and simpler.

To date, Green 5G Power has been commercially adopted in many countries, including Italy, South Korea and Qatar.

In Huawei’s 2025 Global Industry Vision, the company pledged to slash the per-connection carbon emission by 80% on average by 2025. If achieved, this would make ICT one of the world’s most efficient industries in regard to energy use, with the amount of energy being conserved actually higher than the energy it consumes.

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