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10 Visual Content Trends 2022

The Internet is a powerful tool for promoting businesses and increasing brand awareness, but there are loads of information available for readers. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of content visualization. It allows users to receive info in an easier and more understandable way. Find out more about that by reading this article.

What Is Visual Content

First of all, let’s figure out what this type of content is. In simple words, it is based on images. Such content may include:

  • infographics
  • videos
  • pictures
  • screenshots
  • more

For example, if you visit the blog of Payday Depot, a loan provider, you will see lots of articles, including relevant images. In most cases, a single glance at an image gives an idea of what the content is about. 

Trend #1 — Video Stories 

Adding an interesting story about your company is a good idea. It can also be different attention-grabbing video content. The content can be in a form of discussion on hot topics.

Trend #2 — Infographics 

Infographics are a great way for readers to grasp the essential info in a convenient way. Try to convert any possible info into images, such as lists, tables, and more. In this way, the info will look more professional. 

Trend #3 — Optimized Images

Publishing your visual content allows inserting necessary links and tags. This is how Google will index it. Thus, you can add images with your brand, which will quickly spread over the Internet. 

Trend #4 — Launching Livestreams

Lots of people believe that livestreams are more engaging rather than polished and edited videos. It is an opportunity to engage in a conversation happening at the moment and leave comments.

Trend #5 — Adding Interactive Gaming Content

You can make people interact with your content in different ways. One of them can be adding votes and polls. However, interaction related to gaming is especially appreciated. For example, you can offer them to take their own adventure, play a customized bingo game, and more. 

It is essential to offer your potential customers a quick way to make purchases. This can be done by providing links to the products everywhere you can do that. Make sure that a link is well visible and leads to the right page. 

Trend #7 — Ephemeral Content

This type of content is created to be available for 24 hours. Then, it simply disappears. It can be anything, such as a video, gift, image, etc. Since the content is only available for a limited period, readers try to browse it quickly. 

Trend #8 — 360° Visuals

Such visuals help customers view products from different angles. This ensures a great shopping experience. In essence, such visualization allows visiting any place. Also, creating and offering such content for your customers will contribute to your brand’s reputation. 

Trend #9 — Attention-catching Animations

Nice animations are great in drawing the attention of your readers. If there is a hilarious character or an amazing effect, your content will not be forgotten. However, avoid overwhelming your visitors with various elements moving around. 

Trend #10 — Content on Healthy Lifestyle and Environmental Protection 

Today, lots of attention is drawn to a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. Therefore, content related to such topics will likely be appreciated. You can tell how your product or service allows protecting health or nature.

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