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Stainless Steel Wall Shelf Selection Criteria


If you want your commercial kitchen to be neatly organized and all items to be competently arranged for hassle-free access, then a stainless steel wall shelf is that foodservice equipment type that can help your staff to deal with many issues. Thus, attached to the vertical wall stainless steel wall shelf can serve as the storage surface for an array of appliances, devices, utensils, or for goods and ingredients. You can free up space on your countertop and place items that prevent efficient cooking procedures on a sturdy, highly-hygienically, and durable shelf. Such a small kitchen detail can significantly increase the productivity of your personnel and speed up all processes. It will serve you for years even with the minimum care and maintenance since stainless steel is impervious to dirt, grease, debris, fungus, moisture. Metal shelves comply with requirements on food safety and can become a great addition to commercial design. But how to know you pick the right long-lasting product that will satisfy your needs?

Key considerations when choosing restaurant wall-mounted shelving types

Solid vs Vented Shelves. Astainless steel wall shelf surface can be of two options. A solid alternative with no openings is possible to hang on a different level to keep frequently used items at hand and be sure it will not slip between the wires. A solid shelf is more steady, so it is also ideal for bulky tools or products. One of the benefits is simplified and fast cleaning. When it comes to stainless steel, a soft cloth and warm water will be enough to get rid of grime and avert germs spreading. However, if you need ventilated storage surfaces with excellent air circulation, then invest in a vented model. It won’t accumulate dust, allowing stored items to breathe. But there are a couple of downsides. First of all, it would be a complicated task to wash it properly due to gaps in the surface. And by putting small-sized items, there is a risk that they will be trapped between holes or fall off the shelves.

Extra accessories. Picking a shelf with hooks, you can hang kitchen tools within the reach. More durable pot racks will help you organize your pots and pans. For a more customized solution, consider a shelf with extra bars for towels or with an additional metal rod for your cups. Thus, you will use every inch of the space wisely and drastically improve the storage capability of your kitchen.

Analyze your kitchen space. Probably,a stainless steel wall shelf for vertical application won’t boost the staff functionality and efficiency. Or it can even become an obstacle, violating the ergonomic rules. In such a case, you may consider other models and metal shelving solutions:

  •  double adjustable over-shelves to upgrade your working table;
  •  mobile wire shelving units with wheels;
  • mobile or stationary dunnage racks for keeping bulky boxes with products off the floor;
  •  bakery racks with wheels for cooling and transposing pastries and confectionery;
  •  triangle wired or solid shelves to fit into the corners.

Moreover, if you want to fully renovate your commercial kitchen and purchase a stainless steel table with casters, sinks with faucets, equipment stands, utility carts, choose AmGoodSupply foodservice equipment that is made to last and meet your specific requirements.

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