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[Review] So France Claymore, a contemporary french bistro with an Instagram worthy alfresco area

A 7 minute walk away from Orchard MRT, So France is a french bistro that serves up a plethora of french dishes. Besides the classics, there are also vegetarian and vegan options such as Green Asparagus Salad ($22), Mediterranean Salad ($18) and Zucchini Gratin ($24)

With an elegant and vibrant interior, reminiscent of french designs and colours, it’s the perfect place for a romantic date night or brunch with friends. There’s a chic alfresco terrace, perfect for your Instagram feed!

Starters and Mains

Starting off with a Beef Tartare ($26). Made with hand-cut tenderloin beef and mixed with egg yolk, it was light and the meat was tender. The mix of flavours from the seasonings adds a lightness to the dish in terms of taste and the creaminess from the yolk helps to lock in the flavours.

One of my favourites is the Beetroot Tartare ($20). The use of roasted, fresh and pickled beetroot, combined into 1 dish. What I found intriguing was the different textures and flavours even though it was from one ingredient. It really showcased the versatility of beetroot. 

A classic french dish, Foie Gras ($30). Foie gras is definitely an acquired taste due to its soft yet chewy texture. However, the plum sauce paired with it offers a tangy, sweet contrast which balances the richness of the foie gras. 

My favourite part of this is the crisp gingerbread at the bottom because it was rather unexpected. The texture contrasts the softer foie gras and adds a nice spicy aspect which really ties the whole dish together.

Moving on to another quintessential french dish, Garlic Butter Escargot ($24). Garlic butter with anything is always a smash, and with the succulent snails, it was delicious and fragrant. If escargot is right down your alley, this is a must-try! The sauce also pairs well with the freshly baked bread.

If you’re looking for a lighter main dish, the Chilean Sea Bass ($48) is a must-have. The sea bass was extremely fresh and tender, the layers of meat sliding off smoothly. I really like fish so this was probably my absolute favourite especially since it was cooked to perfection. The white wine sauce paired well with the slight char of the pan-fried fish.

Another seafood main, the Scallops ($36), was one of my personal favourites. A layer of creamy mashed potatoes with the scallops is a perfect match. These are by far the best scallops I’ve had because of how tender and juicy it was, I could even taste the natural sweetness of scallops. 

What I liked the most is probably the Ravioles and Foie Gras ($36). Ravioles are basically mini ravioli and they felt very much like comfort food. They’re filled with comté and emmental cheese, giving them a strong cheesy punch. Matched with the creamy mushroom sauce, it was an extremely satisfying dish that I highly suggest trying while you’re there. 

Lastly for the mains, the Duck Confit ($35). I was really surprised at how tender and flavourful the duck was. The meat slid off the bone easily which really goes to show how tender it was. The flavour-concentrated duck jus really brought the dish to the next level. 

Usually, duck confit is served with mash but this uses potato grenailles. It brings in earthy neutral notes to balance out the piquant sauce. They also offer the classic duck confit with mash so not to worry.


There’s always room for dessert! My favourite was the French classic, Paris Brest ($14). It’s essentially a choux pastry with a smooth and velvety praline cream with deliciously intense notes of hazelnut. Topped with caramelised nuts, it adds a burst of sweetness which complements the whole dessert.

If you’d prefer a more down to earth dessert, Poire Belle-Helene ($14) is the perfect choice. A deliciously tender poached pear drenched in bittersweet chocolate sauce, it was a great way to end the whole meal. The ice cream was rich and flavourful and it’s made with real vanilla beans hence the specs of vanilla bean within the ice cream.

Overall, the place and food definitely exuded the vibes of being in France, especially with the french music playing in the background. The food was rich and wholesome, so reminiscent of France, you’d be surprised to know the head chef is actually Indian. 

I think what makes them really different is their sauces. They’re unique and intense enough to elevate the dishes to the next level.


They also have a grocer which offers different products from France. There is a huge variety of teas, juices and alcohol. I tried the pomegranate tea which was fruity and refreshing. They even offer cute little bottles of baked good mixes and a whole section dedicated to cheeses and alcohol.

So France

Address: 1 Claymore Drive 01-01 On, Claymore Rd, 229594
Opening hours: 8am-10pm, all days

Address: 7 Fraser Street Duo Galleria #01-51/56 Bugis MRT, Singapore 189356
Opening hours: 8am-9pm, Monday to Thursday
8am-10pm, Friday to Saturday
9am to 9pm, Sunday

More about So France can be found here.

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