[Review] Free Spirit - Singapore's First and Biggest Alcohol-free Bottle Shop - Alvinology

[Review] Free Spirit – Singapore’s First and Biggest Alcohol-free Bottle Shop

What if you could switch to an alcohol-free version of your go-to drink that’s so good you’ll forget it’s alcohol-free? Free Spirit hopes to help you accomplish this.

Founded by two female entrepreneurs, Emma Pike and Rebecca Forwood, the brand is making the bold claim as Singapore’s first alcohol free bottle shop, offering the biggest selection of some of the world’s best alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits locally.

Rebecca owns and operates The Fishwives, a successful food retail business with a shop front and online store in Singapore. Emma is the founder of Farmer’s Market, one of Asia’s leading online butchers. Although they are competitors in the food industry, the two of them are using their combined energy and experience to bring Singapore consumers a carefully curated list of alcohol-free beverages that taste as good as the real thing.

To be honest, I never quite understand the appeal of alcohol-free drinks as I always thought the purpose of drinking alcohol is to get all tipsy and wasted. It is a growing trend globally though and there are health merits to it.

Free Spirit’s founders passionately believe that those consumers should be free to choose a sophisticated adult drinking experience and not be relegated to sweet sodas and mocktails. Asia is lagging behind other parts of the world when it comes to alcohol-free options, and Free Spirit is on a mission to put that right.

I appreciate that many of the selections at Free Spirit are lower in calories and are low or zero sugar.

This I get.

I hate sweet, sugary drinks for health reasons and I am also not a big fan of alcoholic drinks. The alcohol-free, healthier drink alternatives make sense to me, especially if they taste great too.

Free Spirit sent me a selection of some of their alcohol-free drinks to try and they feature an interesting assortment:

[Review] Free Spirit - Singapore's First and Biggest Alcohol-free Bottle Shop - Alvinology

There are a lot more options available on their website, from champagnes to ciders to mixers. Pretty neat!

I have not seen a wider selection for alcohol-free beverages elsewhere.

Promo Code and Ordering from Free Spirit

For new, first-time customers, simply enter the discount code alvinology to get 10% off your order of alcohol-free beers, wines or spirits on the official website for your first order.

All orders placed before 5pm are delivered the next day, excluding Sundays with free delivery on orders over $80.

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