For the fifth year running, the much-loved Prima Taste Singapore Laksa Wholegrain LaMian is number one on the annual Top 10 Instant Noodles of All-Time list by instant noodle connoisseur The Ramen Rater.

The Ramen Rater, who has reviewed close to 3,500 instant noodles since 2002, has also placed Prima Taste Singapore Curry Wholegrain LaMian on the sixth spot. Making its debut this year is the new Black Pepper Crab Flavoured LaMian on the 10th spot of the 2020 list. The Singaporean brand is the only one worldwide with multiple placements on the list and has garnered a total of 19 placements on the list since 2013.

Enjoy Authentic Local Favourites

Made with 51% Superfine Wholegrain Flour, you can meet the daily recommended intake of wholegrain with just one serving of Prima Taste’s Laksa Wholegrain LaMian. Boasting a firm bite and texture on top of its nutritional benefits, the premium noodles are steamed and non-fried.

Another famed regular on Ramen Rater’s Top 10 list, Prima Taste’s Curry Wholegrain LaMian packs a fragrant and creamy broth with enough heat to stay true to Singapore’s local palate. The al-dente Wholegrain LaMian pairs beautifully with the rich curry, soaking up the spiced gravy that Singaporeans love.

The new Singapore Black Pepper Crab Flavoured LaMian is a peppery ode to one of Singapore’s favourite crab dishes. It was launched in 2019 on Prima Taste’s 21st anniversary.

The versatile Prima Taste Plain LaMian (Premium Non-Fried Noodle) is the only noodle you need for your daily cooking – enjoy it with soup, gravy or stir-fried and whip up a galore of dishes from local dry banmian to Japanese tonkotsu ramen.

Those who struggle to cook but wish to enjoy comforting local food will love the ‘eat-from-the-pack’ fuss-free convenience of Prima Taste Ready Meals.

The Prima Taste Singapore Laksa Wholegrain LaMian, Curry Wholegrain LaMian and Singapore Black Pepper Crab Flavoured LaMian, Plain LaMian and Ready Meals are available in all major supermarkets islandwide and online.