Love cats? Don’t just pet one, save one with Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (KiSS) - Alvinology

Love cats? Don’t just pet one, save one with Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (KiSS)

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (or KiSS) has successfully registered as a non-profit animal welfare organization in Singapore. It marks an important milestone for KiSS as it continues to build and expand its work since 2014 on public education, rescue and adoption of cats and kittens in Singapore.

KiSS is embarking on several fundraising & outreach initiatives to promote better public awareness for caring and protecting cats in the city-state. Plans are currently underway to set up the Kitten Nursery that targets to specifically care for newly born orphan kittens. With a registered non-profit animal welfare group, supporters are able to donate to the organization with confidence and trust.

The announcement is in celebration of Singapore’s 54th birthday commemorating 2019 National Day Parade theme “Our Singapore”. This year’s parade will showcase the largest ever parade prop, a metallic lion, signifying the importance of the largest cat to our Lion City’s history.

Be the first to visit the Kitten Nursery

Love cats? Don’t just pet one, save one with Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (KiSS) - Alvinology

KiSS will implement a social media campaign on its official platforms that encourages community members to share their stories of cats that changed their lives, and the special bond built among family and friends. The top 10 storytellers will be invited to be the first to have a sneak peek when the Kitten Nursery is open to the public.

The Kitten Nursery will be equipped with intensive emergency pet care care units and dedicated volunteers to care for the babies overnight. Socialization sessions will also be arranged to develop good behaviour amongst the kittens, preparing them for life indoors. It will also be a safe haven for pregnant mother cats to give birth in a protected and caring environment.

Orphaned baby kittens usually get euthanized by shelters due to a lack of resources while mother cats are returned to life as a stray after her kittens are weaned. KiSS seeks to partner with companies in Singapore to enhance their CSR initiatives through activities that improve the lives of people while raising awareness to care and protect cats and kittens.

Our Singapore, Our Little Lions

Beyond Singapore, communities globally are celebrating World Cat Day 2019 on 8 August that aims to create awareness and support public education in cat care and protection.

In Singapore, you too can be part of the growing community of individuals who are dedicated to lending a hand to support the continued efforts for the welfare of cats and kittens in “Our Singapore, Our Little Lions”.

The Cost of Saving Lives

KiSS Fundraiser, “Help Singapore’s Kittens” can be found here. It will cost us $150,000 to manage for a year but we urgently need $30,000 to start the Kitten Nursery, buy medical equipment and for our outreach programmes.

Anyone interested to donate is very welcome to visit this link.

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