TEMPUR Unveils All-New ACTIVEbreeze with Advanced Cooling Technology For Better Sleep - Alvinology

TEMPUR Unveils All-New ACTIVEbreeze with Advanced Cooling Technology For Better Sleep

Widely known as one of the top-of-line premium mattress brands in the market globally, TEMPUR was first created by NASA in the 1970s to cushion and support astronauts during lift-off as they journeyed into space. If it requires rocket scientists to R&D it, the end product has got to be out-of-this-world for sure.

The viscoelastic material is fluid and spring-like, achieved by billions of ultra-sensitive open cells existing between a solid and a liquid state. TEMPUR sleep scientists then revolutionised this material to make mattresses and pillows to offer personalised comfort and an exceptional sleep experience. You have to try it to know how comfortable it feels. Head down to a showroom near you.

TEMPUR’s commitment to elevating the way we rest and sleep means that only the best sustainable materials are selected. Throughout the years, their quest to innovate and improve on their original formula have resulted in studies which show that a cooler sleep environment is a contributing factor to a better night’s rest.

TEMPUR’s latest innovation, the ACTIVEbreezeo bed system, features premium cooling technologies that allow heat and humidity to be cycled out of the mattress, ensuring a deeper sleep. Perfect for the tropical weather here in Singapore.

TEMPUR Unveils All-New ACTIVEbreeze with Advanced Cooling Technology For Better Sleep - Alvinology

This ultimate state of rest enables the body to recuperate better and to wake up in a refreshed state. The connection between a cool environment and quality sleep has been a focal theme to the brand for some time, with cooling technologies instilled in many of their bedding products. TEMPUR’s proprietary new ACTIVEbreezeo bed was designed and constructed as a luxury sleeping solution, tailored for a complete and restful sleep, in tropical and humid environments.

This deluxe bedding system features patent-pending ActiveAir Technology – a fully integrated and customisable cooling sleep system, driven by ultra-quiet fans in the base that push filtered air through ventilated layers of TEMPUR Materials.

The ActiveAir is a uniquely integrated and customisable cooling system driven by ultra-quiet fans in the ACTIVEbreezeo’s adjustable foundation.

Fans can be controlled to different levels of intensity, with various modes such as the Fan Sync Mode: to simultaneously cycle the left and right fans through the speeds, Step-Down Mode: to operate the fan at a lower speed than initially selected for the last five hours. Enhanced further with the Smartclimate 3D Dualcover system, the ACTIVEbreezeo bed has a zip-off EasyRefresh cover with antimicrobial treatment – a cool-to-touch outer layer that is machine washable for convenience and comfort.

To top it off, this exclusive bed system allows for maximum customisability with flexible zone adjustment and pre-set positions (Zero-G position, anti-snore position and TV in bed position) to relief pressure off the lower back, prevent snoring and ensure a healthy sleep posture.

The ACTIVEbreezeo bed is also furnished with a vibration massage function, with varied intensities to choose as desired – all possible through two remote controls that offers separate adjustability for each side of the bed.

The advanced technologies and latest features in the ACTIVEbreezeo bed work in unison to offer a customisable peak-performance sleep environment up to two times cooler than regular mattresses; making this wonder the ultimate sleep solution for a peaceful rest.

The TEMPUR Suite at the Amara Sanctuary Resort

TEMPUR Unveils All-New ACTIVEbreeze with Advanced Cooling Technology For Better Sleep - Alvinology

One industry use case of the all-new ACTIVEbreezeo is the TEMPUR Suite at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa.

Offering TEMPUR’s ACTIVEbreezeo bed and state-of-the-art complete bedding package, a luxurious and rejuvenating staycation await.

The TEMPUR Suite is an idyllic, private and serene haven, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nestled within secluded tropical gardens on the hillside of Sentosa’s popular Palawan Beach, the TEMPUR Suite boasts a private plunge pool, a living room, an outdoor bath, one bedroom and TEMPUR’s coveted bedding solutions.

The TEMPUR Ostuni Sofa makes its presence felt in the suite, providing unrivalled comfort for relaxing conversations or to watch television. As the TEMPUR ACTIVEbreezeo bed takes centre stage, expect nothing less than undisturbed sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. TEMPUR pillows and beddings complete the experience, and the signature TEMPUR Teddy makes his presence felt in the Suite – a perfect buddy for a good night’s sleep.

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