This Probiotic Beer is the healthier alternative to your Friday Night alcohol cravings - Alvinology

This Probiotic Beer is the healthier alternative to your Friday Night alcohol cravings

Probicient and Origgin Ventures collaborates with Brewerkz to launch the world’s first probiotic beer.

With Brewerkz as the first brewing partner, more than $1.5 million was invested into the development of this probiotic’s beer from lab-to-table. Moving from nascent stage to clinical trials to consumer tests, this probiotic beer is now ready for commercial scale-up to commercial breweries and micro-breweries around the world.

Probiotification of alcoholic beverages is a major technological challenge. These beverages contain many intrinsic antimicrobial compounds such as ethanol, organic acids, and hops that impair the growth and survival of probiotics.

Through evidence-based research, Probicient’s technical team ensures the probiotics’ survivability while maintaining the traditional methods of beer brewing. Probicient’s IP lies in the technological breakthrough that ensures the probiotics’ survivability of 1 billion CFU, the minimum amount considered to be an effective probiotic, according to ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics).

This Probiotic Beer is the healthier alternative to your Friday Night alcohol cravings - Alvinology

Probiotic dosage is expressed in CFU, or Colony Forming Units, which refers to the number of live probiotic microbes capable of forming colonies in a laboratory test.

Although other live microorganisms may be found in other traditionally fermented food such as kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi, those do not typically meet the empirical evidence level and only certain characterized strains with a scientifically validated health effect can be classified as probiotics. Probicient’s IP lies in its distinct pairing of unique strains and patented fermentation processes as the world’s first probiotic beer.

Probicient believes that the global shift in consumer patterns towards health and wellness trends, unveiling low alcohol or low-calorie beer as healthier alternatives, will drive the global probiotic drinks market.

As post-pandemic growth takes shape coupled with beer as the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, Probicient is poised to deliver consumers a uniquely different healthier beer experience, satisfying both their wellness needs through enhancing gut health and fulfilling their need to connect with others through social drinking.

To commemorate this milestone, Brewerkz will launch Red Billion, a probiotic raspberry sour beer – homage to the red hue and probiotics level of at least 1 billion CFU per serving, available at all Brewerkz outlets on tap.

Brewerkz will expand its range of probiotic beer flavours over time including canning and making them available for sale at major supermarkets and online channels.

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