The Galaxy Watch4 Series software update is now available at the Galaxy Wearable app; Here are the changes – - Alvinology

The Galaxy Watch4 Series software update is now available at the Galaxy Wearable app; Here are the changes –

Samsung Electronics Singapore announces a new update to the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic, continuing its commitment to helping users reach their health and wellness goals and express their personal style.

The latest body composition update gives users even more insight into their health progress.


Samsung Health will also be providing body composition insights powered by Centr, a digital fitness programme curated by Chris Hemsworth, to help users transform their health, fitness and mindset. In addition, Galaxy Watch4 users will receive a 30-day trial for full and unrestricted access to Centr.

Samsung’s new interval target feature for runners and cyclists lets them pre-set the duration, distance, and number of sets for their workout. From there, Galaxy Watch4 guides them through a custom intensity training session with a series of high-intensity workouts interspersed with low-intensity workouts, making for an impactful and targeted workout every time.

The update is designed to deliver the best running and recovery experience. Runners can measure their oxygen intake levels (% of VO2 max)4 in real-time, so they can always control exactly how hard they’re pushing. After the run, Galaxy Watch4 Series helps runners maintain proper hydration by recommending how much to drink based on the amount of sweat loss detected during the workout.

It also monitors recovery heart rate, with data generated up to two minutes after a cardio-intensive workout.

Samsung is continuing our collaboration with top-ranked apps like adidas Running and Strava to help users power through their exercise.

Better Night’s Sleep

The Galaxy Watch4 Series software update is now available at the Galaxy Wearable app; Here are the changes – - Alvinology

The new sleep coaching programme helps users develop better sleep habits. By tracking sleep patterns over seven days and completing two related sleep surveys, the programme assigns one of eight sleep symbol animals representing the user’s sleep type. Then, it will guide users through a four- to five-week coaching programme that includes missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation guidance, and regular reports to support users as they work towards improving their sleep quality.

The Galaxy Watch4 Series software update is now available at the Galaxy Wearable app; Here are the changes – - Alvinology

When it comes to waking up refreshed, a peaceful and quiet environment is key to achieving a healthy rest as well. Galaxy Watch4 recognises when users fall asleep and automatically turns off Samsung SmartThings enabled lights to help create better sleeping conditions.

Healthier Heart

Combined with the advanced BioActive Sensor technology and Samsung Health Monitor app, Galaxy Watch4 measures both blood pressure (BP) and electrocardiogram (ECG), allowing users to monitor their heart health anytime and from anywhere.

Integration to Galaxy Ecosystem

Users can further customise their watch face with additional colours and digital clock fonts that make the watch truly their own. For users looking forward to the latest Galaxy S22 Series 5G, a selection of live wallpaper in the unique Galaxy S22 Series 5G theme will be available for download.

In addition, Samsung Health makes it easier for Galaxy users to track their health across their devices. Users can simply sync their Samsung Health account on their Galaxy smartphones or tablets to stay on track with their fitness needs.

Compatibility with the Android Ecosystem

Coming soon through an additional update, users will be able to stream music over Wi-Fi or LTE from the YouTube Music app on their Galaxy Watch. This means that users can leave their phone behind and still enjoy their favourite artists as they workout on-the-go.

Additionally, Google Assistant will be available on Galaxy Watch4 series in the coming months. With access to both Bixby and Google Assistant, consumers will be equipped with advanced voice assistant functionality to meet their various needs.

Users can also now install their favourite smartphone apps on their Galaxy Watch4 during initial setup with one tap, creating a seamless experience across devices right out of the box.


The software update is now available via the Galaxy Wearable app for Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

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