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Kiehl’s Meets BT21 – facial creams get a cute spin with exclusive BT21 Merch

Kiehl’s just dropped their BT21 x Kiehl’s line on 3 Feb 22. Expect a range of products from facial cream to key chains and even an exclusive collector’s box!

The designs incorporate icons like the yellow taxi and the Statue of Liberty, all representative of New York, as a tribute to where Kiehl’s was originally founded. 

Playful and fun, Kiehl’s BT21 Ultra Facial Cream ($54/50ml, $101/125ml) includes all the BT21 Characters. The 50ml ones have their own individual characters and New York icons. On the other hand, the 125ml one includes all the characters with the background of New York icons.

bT21 Keychain and Tote bag!

Get a Kiehl’s BT21 Blind Keychain with every purchase of the facial cream. Or, spend $150 nett, to get a BT21 Tote Bag.

The facial cream really hydrates the skin which in turn helps with the skin barrier which is essential in helping to maintain skin moisture. It is formulated with olive-derived squalane and Antarcticine™, a glycoprotein that is actually extracted from micro organisms from sea glaciers. Just a little bit of this goes a long way. A thin layer is said to be enough to last 24 hours.

Collector’s Box ($378)

Perfect for fans, Collector’s Box ($378) includes a whole range of BT21 products, only available at Ion Orchard, Plazza Singapura Waterway Point. There’s all the 50ml ultra facial creams, all the Kiehl’s BT21 Keychains as well as the BT21 Tote bag! This set comes with seven tubs of Kiehl’s facial cream! It’ll be great for sharing as one person would take really long to finish using them- share the goodies with your friends!

Kiehl’s sticks closely to their motto: nature, science, service. Nature in terms of sourcing from nature like the olive-derived squalane, science in terms of dermatology and service in their use of skin assessments to create a personalised skin care routine. 

Personal skin assessment + Generous samples

I got to try out the personal skin assessment and it consists of two parts, an assessment of the skin barrier and the skin moisture of my face. Following the assessment, I got a couple of samples personalised to my skin type- Kiehl’s is known for their generosity with samples as they have trust in the efficiency and quality of their products!

The attention to customer-first service was something I appreciated a lot like having samples given catered to the customer. The products have ingredients that are simple and few, always a good sign, especially for products that go onto skin!

All products are while stocks last so be quick.

Available at all Kiehl’s stores & Official E-store.

*Collector’s set only available at Waterway Point, Ion Ochard and Plaza Singapura

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