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Sewing For Beginners: 7 Things You Need To Get Started

You’ve seen what can be done with a simple whirr of a pedal and some creative flair – all your clothes, curtains, and soft furnishings began this way.

When you take the plunge and start sewing for yourself, the possibilities of what you can make are endless – just take a look at what fashion designers can achieve.

Feeling inspired yet? Good.

Here are seven things you’ll need to get started.

1. Sewing Machine

It may seem obvious, but before you begin sewing you’ll need a good sewing machine. The best way to choose one is to research a few sewing machines before you buy one.

Important features to consider are foot pedal style, speed, accessories, and the type of needle threader the sewing machine uses. Since you are a beginner, you probably won’t need all the bells and whistles – so look for a sturdy sewing machine that suits your budget.

2. Thread

Although there are so many different types of thread, a beginner will really only need a small set of general-purpose threads. As for colors, start with black and white and gradually collect more colors as you go.

Whenever you buy new fabric for your sewing projects, try to find a thread in a matching color – it’s a good idea to always use a thread that matches the predominant color of the fabric. 

3. Scissors

You’ll need two pairs of fabric scissors in your sewing kit – these are absolute must-haves. For the fabric scissors, buy the sturdiest pair you can find and don’t spare on the cost.

These will be your designated fabric scissors, only to be used on fabric. Set them aside, take care of them, and don’t use them for paper, cardboard, or anything else!

You will also need a small pair of scissors – these will be for snipping threads, clipping corners, and neatening edges.

4. Fabric

To start sewing, you’ll need fabric… lots of fabric. Buying fabric is the part of sewing that most people love the most – it’s just so fun to browsing through the aisles of your local haberdashery and buying a few meters of whatever catches your eye.

Over time, you’ll build such a big collection of personally curated fabric that you’ll never be able to use it all – just be sure you know how to work with different types of fabric.

5. Pins

You’ll need pins. Buy them in bulk if you can – you’ll need a lot of them. Try to get pins with large heads so you can grab them easily. Magnetic pins are also amazing because they are so easy to pick up.

You’ll also need a pincushion to keep your pins in one place and prevent them from going missing or turning up in your foot.

6. Bobbins

If you don’t know what a bobbin is, it’s the small metal or plastic reel that threads your thread into your sewing machine. Try to buy a pack of bobbins so that you have spares – it’s a pain to wind them in the thread you’re using every time you use a new color.

Be careful when buying bobbins because every sewing machine uses a different type or size – always check your sewing machine’s user manual before you buy them.

7. Seam Ripper

The fact of the matter is you’ll definitely need a seam ripper. Don’t worry though; even the most experienced sewers need to use one from time to time. Seam rippers are designed to pick out threads so you can correct any sewing mistakes.

Try to choose a seam ripper that’s large enough to hold comfortably in your hand – this will help with precision.

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