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Pass the P&G Assessment and Join Proctor and Gamble Company!

Procter & Gamble is one of the fastest-growing companies globally. With branches all over the world, the company produces a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods like cleaning products, skincare, haircare, and food. The company receives a large number of applications from candidates seeking employment. 

To give every applicant an equal chance, the company has designed the P&G Assessment that helps eliminate applicants based on how they perform on the test. The test is not complicated but the questions are twisted and you will likely pass if you follow these tips. 

The P&G application and test process

To get a job at P&G, your first step will be to go online and apply for your desired position. If you pass this initial phase, you will be invited for the P&G Online Test, which comprises several tests. You are tested on your situational judgment capability and your personality. 

The test is also called the PEAK Performance test and it tests your attitude to work, experience, interest, background information, and if you are compatible with the company policies. Generally, their questions are simple and test your judgment on various work-related scenarios. 

The interactive judgment assessment is presented in a game form where you work with numbers on your screen and the questions get tougher as you progress. There will be number sequencing but the sequences will involve large numbers to make it more difficult for you. The final session will test your memory and you will be required to remember certain figures and type them. 

Tips to help you pass the P&G Assessment

General knowledge of situations, numbers, and how to think fast and offer a solution will be very crucial. Prior preparation is essential because the Proctor and Gamble test is simple but very complex. Follow these tips to better your chance of passing the test. 

Don’t forget to practice

Due to the large number of applications the company receives each year, they use different tools to eliminate candidates. It can be difficult to go through thousands of applications and decide who to take in without being biased. 

To help you understand the nature of the questions better, it is important you take free Wonderlic practice test because the questions in the practice test are close to what you will get in an actual test. Make sure you rate yourself using the results you get from the sample tests and keep improving until you get at least 50-60 percent. 

Get information about the company

P&G serves customers in almost every country around the world and they don’t like to compromise their services. Your knowledge about the company is important before your sit for the test. Since the company deals with fast-moving consumer goods, search and understand their range of products. 

Have knowledge of which markets they serve and who they are competing with. It is good you understand the latest technologies the company has adapted to better their goods production and service delivery. 

Read about the company policies and the positive or negative effects these policies might impact on the company. Although P&G has many products they produce, take note of their major brands and why these brands act as the anchor brands. 

Follow P&G professionals of social media

The company’s professional team will be very keen on what they post on their social media. They post the company updates, new developments, new technologies, policies, answer questions from clients, and so on. 

Follow them on LinkedIn and other social media sites to get an understanding of what kind of questions their customers ask and the answers the professionals give. You will have an idea of what answers they will be expecting from you during the online assessment. 

Know the rules

Keep in mind the rules of the tests in terms of the number of questions per session, time limit per session, and so on. You must understand the tools the company uses to test applicants and to rate their performance. You should also know what each session is testing and the expected answers. 

Don’t forget about time

Time is of the essence and if you are given thirty minutes to answer 40 questions, you must know how you will manage and attempt each question. Start with the simplest ones and finish with the tougher sections. You should be careful because most questions require you first to answer a previous question to understand the next one, especially on the numerical assessment segment. 

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