[Review] Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars - Alvinology

[Review] Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars

In order not to gain back the pounds I painstakingly shed over the past few years, I have generally kept off desserts to avoid artificial sweeteners and sugar, some of the lead causes for obesity.

[Review] Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars - Alvinology

Smooze!, a home-grown dessert brand from Singapore seeks to address this by introducing concoctions that do not compromise the health of the consumers nor the environment.

Smooze! claims that all their products are made with frozen coconut water and real fruit puree. Everything is totally natural, with no artificial additives and preservatives. All products are also halal-certified, vegan and allergen-free, making them accessible treats for all.

We tried a trio of their flavoured Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars, featuring Pink Guava, Pine Passion and Calamansi.

The Coconut Water Pink Guava Ice Bar is claimed to be the “responsible sibling” of the trio. The most nutritious member of the guava family lends a rich flavour to the bar. Its natural carotenoids, an antioxidant also found in carrots and tomatoes, results in the pink of the fruit.

The Coconut Water Calamansi Ice Bar packs a zesty punch with its tropical citrus flavour. Calamansi boasts more Vitamin C than its larger yellow cousin, the lemon.

The Coconut Water Pine Passion Ice Bar is made up of the dynamic duo of pineapple and passion fruit. The distinct sweet and sharp flaovour of pineapple perfectly complements the tart and aromatic passion fruit to lend a unique tropical taste.

Overall, the nutritional claims aside, we find the Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars to be significantly less sweet than the usual popsicles and sweet treats, but in a good way, as the natural fruity flavours stand out more.

For those looking for a healthier dessert alternative, Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars may just be what you are looking for. More details are available via their official website, Instagram or Facebook accounts and Shopee.

[Review] Smooze! Coconut Water Ice Bars - Alvinology

With the environment in mind, Smooze! Ice Bars are packed and varnished using recyclable material.

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