Mention local bakery BreadTalk and its best selling item pork flosss (yes it’s spelt with three S’s) bun comes to mind.

According to the bakery chain, the bun was intentionally named with an additional ‘s’ to communicate the volume of flosss topped on every bun.

A hit among locals when its pork flosss bun was first introduced in Singapore in 2000, more and more bakeries are now selling these rolls with coating of mayonnaise and pork floss.

To celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday this year, the bakery chain is launching a new addition to its flosss bun family on Thursday (3 August).

Called Cereal Flosss BB, the bun is inspired by one of Singapore’s popular tze char flavours (cereal prawns, anyone?).

The cereals-ly addictive combination of savoury flosss paired with fragrant buttery cereal is a balance of sweet and savoury with just a hint of spiciness.

Available for a limited time only, the Cereal Flosss BB bun will be available in stores from 3 to 10 August. The Cereal Flosss BB will only be sold in a box of 6 for $6.60.

All images courtesy of BreadTalk.