The next travel destination to go on your bucket list has got to be Wellington, New Zealand.

It was hard not to rub off on the boundless creativity and energy when we were introduced to this cool capital city.

As you seek to captivate your senses on your next travel escapade, here’s why you shouldn’t miss Wellington – not even for the world.

Gourmet fusion food from Wellington

Expect to uncover a whole new world of gastronomic delights when you’re in Wellington, New Zealand.

Aside from having some of the freshest seafood, this creative city will intrigue your palate with novel food concepts. You’ll find that the chefs in Wellington exude an adventurous spirit when it comes to their culinary creations.

Martin Bosley, New Zealand’s celebrity chef and the Head Chef of Intercontinental Hotel Singapore.

This intrepid sense comes through as we sink our teeth into the delectable savoury bites prepared by Martin Bosley, an esteemed celebrity chef from New Zealand as well as the Head Chef of Intercontinental Hotel Singapore. Their bold use of interesting ingredients certainly whetted our appetite as it brought to the table a novel flavour.

NZ Ora King Salmon, Avocado Mousse, Coconut Yoghurt.

Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate Terrine, XO Prune, Chocolate Mousse.

While salmon and avocado may not come across as an usual pairing, the mouth-watering medley of flavours in the NZ Ora King Salmon, Avocado Mousse, Coconut Yoghurt only proved our point even more. The same goes for Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate Terrine, XO Prune, Chocolate Mousse – a dark decadence that simply oozes joy in your mouth.

Kapiti Cheeses are a local Wellington produce cheese lovers can’t wait to get their hands on.

As shared by the celebrity chef, many chefs in New Zealand are also well-travelled and frequently return home with new ideas. So each time you hit up Wellington, the epicurean experience there will always surprise you.

Wine as you dine

Wine aficionados will find Wellington to be right up their alley as there is no better place to sip on your wine. Whether is it Riesling or the drier Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll relish glasses of full-bodied wine produced in the local vineyards.

Nothing beats seeing for yourself how wine is being produced as you travel to Wairarapa, Wellington’s wine country. It is only an hour’s drive away from Wellington.

This region is also endowed with perfect soil conditions for growing world-class Pinot Noir. A day trip between cellar doors or a weekend of wine exploration is simply mandatory for wine connoisseurs.

Urlar Estate’s Riesling. 


If you love your wine – be it red or white, Wellington is truly a city you have to visit.

Weta Workshop

Enchanting elf ears you only get to see in the movies come alive in Weta Workshop at Wellington. 

Remember those impressive and convincing special effects you saw in The Hobbit trilogy?

Warren Dion-Smith from the well-known Weta Workshop based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Warren Dion-Smith, a hair and make-up artist with Weta Workshop had a part in making that magic happen. Besides that, he has done a number of prosthetic make-up demonstrations for Weta at Comicon events.

Warren working his magic as he puts elf’s ears on me during his demonstration.

Based in Wellington, Weta Workshop is a special effects and props company that also conducts studio tours. According to ‘The Guardian’ in 2016, Weta Workshop ranked amongst the top 10 film studio tours in the world.

As you witness behind-the-scenes documentary and filmmaking tours, explore the magic of special effects and catch a glimpse inside the remarkable Weta Workshop. You may even check out amazing miniatures on a genuine shooting stage.

Spaces are limited. You may book here for a full, authentic Wellington film-making experience at Weta Workshop!

Garage Project

If you have a penchant for craft beers, Garage Project is the place for you. Aside from giving the brewed beers whimsical names, these libations boast of rather fascinating flavours.

Have you heard of using yuzu, sea water or cornflakes in brewing beer? Well, Garage Project has reinvented the meaning of craft beer even more with these unusual ingredients.

Party & Bullshit and Hops On Pointe are the top two craft beers for their fresh and crisp taste, yet with a twist. 

Cofounders Jos Ruffell, Pete Gillespie and Ian Gillespie launched the brewery by brewing 24 beers in 24 weeks. Some of the more creative brews of recent years include the Burning Globe (smoked malt), Dark Arts (extract of roasted coffee beans) and Day of the Dead (smoked chipotle chili, raw cocoa nibs, vanilla and agave).

When your craft beer has quirky names in the likes of Hops On Pointe, it is bound to grab your attention. If not, knowing that Hops On Pointe contains champagne yeast will do just the trick. Beer lovers won’t be able to say no to this iconic brewery that has become one of the must-visit destinations Wellington – and rightfully so.

There’s simply so much to explore, do and see in this cool and creative city. Now that there are direct flights from Singapore to Wellington via Singapore Airlines, you can count on us hopping to Wellington in New Zealand soon.

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