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Raw Food Versus Cooked Food For Your Pets: Which Is The Better Diet?

Raw food vs. Cooked food, a debate that sees no end. While you are out there in the market buying food for your pet, you might confuse whether cooked food is good or raw. Read on to know which one is better for your pet’s diet.

Raw food vs. Cooked food, a debate that sees no end-seeing how the trends are building over time, is most unlikely to be resolved in the near future.

  • Should your pet’s diet include raw meat?
  • Should the meat need to be grass-fed or grain-fed?
  • Should you add fish to the diest?
  • What about fruits and vegetables?

There are just too many questions that are really hard to answer.

Raw Food Versus Cooked Food For Your Pets

Food is an important aspect for both humans and pets. However, humans have an option to eat food, whichever they like. Pets don’t go choosing which food they like. Just give them anything, and they will chew it down.

No! You shouldn’t feed just anything to your poets. Just as important diets are for you, it is important for pets as well.

With the rising popularity of cooked food for pets, our options to feed our pets have increased, leaving a challenge for us to decide what to feed our pets.

Before you visit your nearest mall to buy pet food online in Singapore, it is important to consult your veterinarians. In addition to that, you can consider the following while selecting a diet for your pet.

  • Age & Size: Age and size of the pet also play an influential role in the diet plan.
  • Food Allergies: Food allergies are a common phenomenon in humans, and so does in pets. Consult your veterinarian and see what food allergies your pet have and select a diet plan accordingly.
  • Taste: Just like we can get choosing when it comes to taste, so does your pet. Go for food that your pet likes.
  • Activity Level: The activity level of your pet depends on the type of work they are doing. For instance, if there is a working or police dog, then the activity level is high. So, the diet needs to take their activity level.
  • LifeStyle: Here, we are talking about your lifestyle and how much time you can take out for your pet’s diet. Do you have enough time to shop and cook for your pet? The answer to this question will help you select a particular diet plan for your pet.

Raw Food Versus Cooked Food: Cooked Food

Meat platter
Meat platter

Feeding your pet with natural ingredients like beef, chicken, lamb, green vegetables, and beans can do wonders for your pet’s health. Providing cooked food to the pet increases heart health, energy level, shiny fur, breath smell better, and even impacts the dog stool.

Cooking for your dog is really good; however, this process demands a lot of your time and finance. Many experts believe that most commercial pet food in the market does not do thorough scrutiny. This makes the pet owners make their pet food. However, the food prepared by the owners needs to be made as per the veterinarian’s instructions.

What To Look For In Cooked Food?

While you are buying or making cooked food, the first thing that you need to ensure is that the food is cooked, as the name suggests. Then comes scrutinizing the food. Most cooked food is made with veterinary nutritionists’ help as they know exactly what your pet needs.

Benefit Of Cooked Food

Preparing cooked meals for your pet gives you a joyous feeling. In fact, experts believe that home-cooked pet food is more healthy than commercially packed meals.

Given below are some benefits you can enjoy with cooked food.

  • Better Gut Health: Home-cooked pet food is good for better digestion and restricts your dog from chronic vomiting, fatigue, and obesity.
  • Improved Kidney Health: Commercial pet food is full of toxic material. No matter what claims they make, it is an undeniable truth that commercial dog food hardly goes through any screening. This directly affects their kidneys. However, preparing home-cooked pet food helps to maintain their kidney health.
  • Improved Mental Health: One of the major factors that your pet is always on edge is that you keep on feeding food they do not like. Yes, it does happen, and pets do care about the taste and smell of the food. Giving them home-cooked pet food they like can keep them mentally healthy.

Raw Food Versus Cooked Food: Raw Food


As the name suggests, raw food is simply raw- freshly cut off from a juicy beef leg. You can either make raw food at home, buy it from the grocery shops, freeze-dried, or simply hydrated.

A raw diet usually includes organ meats, whole/ground bone, muscle meat, raw eggs, fresh vegetables, and dairy products like yogurt. Advocates of raw food claim that it gives their pet a shiny coat, healthier skin, healthy teeth, smaller stool, and increased energy.

However, some experts believe that raw diet is not good for the pet who shares their space with children as it can compromise their immune system.

What To Look For In Raw Food?

A raw diet plan for your pet is only possible if you know how a raw diet for pets works. It is always better to have a dietary veterinarian familiar with raw food and guide you through effective practices.

Benefits Of Raw Food

Despite the Raw pet food community being criticized for their pet up-bringing methods, it has been proved that raw food does cater to several health benefits. Given below are some, to name a few.

  • Stronger Immune System: Have you ever wondered why wolves and wild dodgers are stronger and healthier? Well, you have given the right answer. Raw food is rich in fatty acids and immune-boosting nutrients.
  • Reduced Allergies: Grain-based food has things that most animals are allergic to. This is why sometimes your pet itches themselves and water flowing out from their eyes. Following a raw diet plan for your pet can greatly reduce allergic symptoms.
  • Small & Less Smelly Stools: As pets’ digestive system is more suited for raw food, they can absorb more nutrients from the raw food and excrete out less waste. You will soon notice them having small stools with a less foul smell.

Take Away

Both the foods offer benefits to the pet. It is up to you to decide what kind of diet you want for your pets. This article has tried to give you thorough details on both raw and cooked food to help you decide the best diet plan for your beloved pet.

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