Woman gets 8 1/2 years jail for abusing Intellectually-challenged woman, other family members also on trial - Alvinology

Woman gets 8 1/2 years jail for abusing Intellectually-challenged woman, other family members also on trial

Haslinda Ismail, 34, has been sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison over the abuse perpetrated against a mildly intellectually-disabled family friend. According to a report by The Straits Times, Ismail was the latest of five other people who were found guilty and sentenced to jail over abusing and almost killing the victim.

Alvinology previously reported on the case, and said that Hany Aboubakr Abdelkarim Abdelfattah, a Giant supermarket worker, engaged in sex acts with the victim, which was the reason for the rest of his family to abuse her. Haslinda was his wife.

Who is Haslinda Ismail?

According to the same report from The Straits Times, “Haslinda Ismail was sentenced on Wednesday (Feb 3) to 8½ years’ jail after she pleaded guilty last month to two counts of voluntarily causing hurt and one count of twisting the victim’s toe with a pair of pliers until it fractured.”

She has posted bail worth $10,000 and was set to present herself to the courts on March 1 to begin her sentence.

What did Haslinda Ismail do to the victim?

Alvinology previously reported that after the victim and Haslinda’s husband, Hany, engaged in sex acts, the rest of the family turned against her and the horrendous abuse began. The sex act happened in a carpark stairwell.

The victim had run away from home in 2016, and sought help from Haslinda’s family. While they let her stay in their home without paying rent, she paid for her laundry to be done with theirs.

After a few months, around May to June in 2016, Haslinda found out that the victim engaged in sex acts with her husband. She confronted the victim.

During the confrontation, she slapped the victim, and made her husband hurt the latter as well. Following that encounter, the abuse continued for more than a year. Haslinda also took the victim’s mobile phone away from her.

The victim was forced to leave her job at a fast food restaurant and work for the family without pay.

Over the next months, the victim would be subjected to trauma involving boiling water, a hammer used on her teeth and pliers on her skin.

She was also beaten with a broom so hard that the impact broke the handle in two.

Alvinology previously reported, “a particularly horrid incident involved the Hari Raya Haji celebration on August 31, 2017. Haslinda took the victim to her new flat to help prepare for the celebrations. The victim was made to stand and not use the toiler or sleep all night. By 11:00 in the morning the next day, she had followed their orders but ended up urinating on herself.”

She was finally taken to the hospital in January 2018, in a near-death state.

What happened to the other family members who abused the victim?

The same Straits Times report said that Haslinda’s huband plead guilty and was sentenced to three weeks in prison.

But Haslinda’s mother, 70-year-old Hasmah Sulong, faces the most grievous charges. Court record show that the prosecutor said, “She faces a total of 17 charges, including three counts of voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means. The maximum punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means is life imprisonment.”

The victim was released from the hospital in April 2018, after suffering from a near death state when she had arrived earlier that year.

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