[PROMO CODE INSIDE] Hydragun Sports-recovery Massage Therapy Device Review - Alvinology

[PROMO CODE INSIDE] Hydragun Sports-recovery Massage Therapy Device Review

Launched earlier in August this year, HYDRAGUN is a sports-recovery device built on percussive technology that has received many glowing reviews from some of Singapore’s top elite athletes like Singapore football legend Fandi Ahmad, MMA champion Angela Lee, national badminton player Loh Kean Yew and champion bodybuilder and personal trainer Adrian Tan.

[PROMO CODE INSIDE] Hydragun Sports-recovery Massage Therapy Device Review - Alvinology

Unlike the usual general use massager to relieve general aches and pains, Hydragun is purpose-built to focused on sports-recovery with an interchangeable head to custom the therapy needed.

This new post-workout tool is ideal for massaging tired muscles and for reducing the impact of delayed onset muscle soreness, a medical condition also known as DOMS. It has been designed specifically to
provide speedy and effective muscle pain relief for high-performance athletes.


A Hydragun set will come with a massage therapy gun, charger, 6 different changeable massage heads for different needs, a carrier case as well as a detailed instruction manual.

I am not an elite athlete, but I found the Hydragun effective too, after having used it for the past several weeks after my regular gym sessions or evening jogs. When I introduced the device to my family, they found it nifty and useful for general massage use as well. The 6 different changeable massage heads are the biggest advantage, effectively transforming Hydragun into 7 different massagers with one device.

Check out our video review here:

The device retails at S$399 and is available online via their official webstore.


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Hydragun Features

  • It delivers effective and soothing percussive massage therapy, with high power and speed settings, such as a maximum RPM of 3,200 – the highest on the market
  • It’s quiet, with noise level ranging from 30 to 50 decibels – the device with the highest recorded noise on the market sounds off at 75 decibels (equivalent to the sound of a loud vacuum cleaner)
  • It has long-lasting battery life that averages 3 hours at the top end of the market; by comparison, some devices offer just about an hour of battery life
  • It’s one of the lightest massage guns around, weighing a little over 1kg. A competitor’s device could weigh as much as 40% more
  • It’s affordable and competitively priced at S$399; other devices on the market could cost upwards of S$800
  • It’s durable, made of high-quality aerospace-grade aluminium alloy; other devices are typically made of plastic
  • It’s versatile and comes with 6 different massage heads and 6 speed settings, the most among comparable devices

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