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Travel Insurance Made Easy: 5 Key Features To Look Out For

Remember those times when you were installing a computer software, and you skipped the never-ending scroll of T&Cs and clicked ‘I Agree’ without thinking? We are pretty sure you do the same for travel insurance policy briefs, as there is usually nothing brief about them.

That is assuming you purchase travel insurance before your travels; although an increasing number of Singaporeans have reportedly been playing it safe in the face of terrorism, some remain confused over coverage areas, claims limits and insurance jargons. What makes things trickier is the fact that even for those who are aware of travel insurance’s importance, they settle for the cheapest option to save money, and then get a rude shock when unexpected events erupt.

What is one to do, then?

For starters, pay special attention to the following five features – broken down in layman’s speak – because they’d form the backbone of any good policy.


Tiered Plans

Travel Insurance Made Easy: 5 Key Features To Look Out For - Alvinology

Most insurance plan lets you choose three packages – basic, executive, and premium. The pricier the package, the greater the coverage. Unless you are a math whiz who can come up with a cost-benefit analysis at the drop of a hat, poring over the differences in protection would confuse most people. Thus, they usually settle for the cheapest option, or not getting an insurance out of convenience.

With Changi Recommends’ HyfeAssure, you only need to do a simple comparison between two tiers – Basic and Superior. That is what you can call a brief insurance policy.

Changi Recommends has two simple variations of coverages laid out side-by-side for ease of comparison, so you can decide if you would be sufficiently protected.


Maximum Payable Amount

Travel Insurance Made Easy: 5 Key Features To Look Out For - Alvinology

For your choice of travel insurance, do you know if your entitled claims justify the premium you pay?

HyfeAssure makes sure you get what you pay for. At a reasonable price, your policy benefits will give maximum payable Overseas Medical Expenses of S$75,000 for Basic and S$250,000 for Superior. Under local context, you would be covered for S$5,000 and S$20,000 respectively. Overseas Medical Expense includes hospitalization and other medical expenses.

Moreover, if you can find a Changi Recommends counter, you can immediately file and receive a claim of up to S$200 on medical expenses, baggage delay, baggage damage, travel delay, and travel misconnections to tide you through immediate inconveniences. The total benefit limit is S$500 and S$1,000 for Basic and Superior respectively.


Medical Evacuation

Travel Insurance Made Easy: 5 Key Features To Look Out For - Alvinology

In case you sustain grave physical injury or sickness that requires heli-evac or repatriation back to Singapore, HyfeAssure has got you covered.

All incurred Emergency Medical Evacuation expenses will be covered up to the benefit limit, which is unlimited for both Basic and Superior. Some other travel insurance policies have a limit imposed on basic plans.


24-hour Emergency Assistance

Travel Insurance Made Easy: 5 Key Features To Look Out For - Alvinology

The fact that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere should convince you to be safe than sorry.
Changi Recommends’ HyfeAssure made travel insurance even more convenient by providing a 24-hour helpline that is always open to assist you no matter where you are in the world. This is especially crucial for first timers who experience overseas mishaps; the 24-hour helpline will provide useful and detailed instructions on where to go, and what to do.


Travel Inconveniences

Travel Insurance Made Easy: 5 Key Features To Look Out For - Alvinology

While the threat of terrorism remains at large, let us not forget that small, unfortunate proceedings can also frustrate everyone and spoil any trip. We are talking about the usual suspects such as flight delays, baggage loss, baggage delays or even insolvency of a travel agency.

However, unless we’ve got a great travel insurance, we can only wait like sitting ducks because we don’t have much to go up against the airline or airport management.

With HyfeAssure, the insured is the happiest person in the event of baggage delay, baggage damage, travel delay, travel misconnection, flight overbooked and flight diversion. The insured is entitled to payment of S$100 for every 6 hours of delays. The maximum amount of claims at the Changi Recommends counter, as mentioned above, is S$200.


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