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Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling launches Schooling Sport Fitness App providing real-time interactive audio coaching and tailored workouts

Joseph Schooling, Singapore’s first and only Olympic gold medallist launches his very own fitness app, Schooling Sport. Schooling Sport provides a smart biofeedback training system that ensures users get the most out of their workouts.

VO2 Max

Users can perform an outdoor benchmark workout to gauge their current VO2 Max; a fitness marker used to quantify an individual’s fitness level based on the maximum amount of oxygen utilised by the body while exercising.

Using the latest technology, Schooling Sport is able to estimate a user’s VO2 Max to within 96% accuracy of a laboratory test when the benchmark workout is completed with GPS enabled and a paired heart rate monitor.


In addition, Schooling Sport also utilises Heart-Rate based coaching to customise a fitness program with various workouts and heart-rate training zones to maximise the efficiency of every session. Heart-rate training zones are determined based on the user’s age and will be adjusted based on the training goal of each session to ensure users get the best results from their workout.

Workouts and Training Plans

Schooling Sport boasts hundreds of workouts and training plans ranging from running to yoga to strength training. The goal is to introduce workouts that are key to an active and healthy lifestyle.

There will also be selected workouts where Schooling will coach users personally through the sessions. In addition to Schooling, users can also hear from other Olympians, World-Champions, and fitness innovators on Schooling Sport.


Schooling Sport was developed using PEAR, an expert at delivering personalized, adaptive coaching programs with bespoke content using mobile and wearable technology with human coach guidance and symbiotic music.

The Company’s digital coaching solutions include PEAR Pro, a tool that allows individuals like Schooling to build and deliver customized fitness workouts. With two-way communication and reporting tools Schooling Sport encourages and motivates users to achieve their best results. Schooling Sport Pro will be available in 2021.

All users who download Schooling Sport are eligible for a free two-week trial that provides access to all features in the app. After the two-week trial period, users will retain access to four premium workouts including the Body Weight Circuit with Joseph Schooling. These four workouts will remain accessible at no additional cost.

A Schooling Sport subscription starts at S$5.99 per month and S$60 per year and will provide users access to all workouts. Users are encouraged to pair their preferred heart monitoring device and respective Health Apps to Schooling Sport for best results and optimal fitness tracking.

Schooling Sport can be downloaded from the App Store (Schooling Sport for iOS) and Google Play store (Schooling Sport for Android) today.

For more information, visit here.

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