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Man tries to rape stepdaughter then throws her toddler, 4, out the window

In a horrific tragedy, a four-year-old boy was allegedly thrown out the window after the family tried to stop their elderly grandfather from raping the boy’s mother. A report from The New Straits Times said that the boy was flung from the fourth floor of a building in Danau Kota, Setapak Malaysia on Monday morning, November 30.

What happened with the young boy?

According to the same report from The New Straits Times, a four-year-old child was thrown from the fourth floor of a building in Danau Kota. His step-grandfather was identified as the alleged perpetrator of the heinous crime that had taken the boy’s life. The little boy, who was known to neighbors as Adam, was reportedly killed after an attempted rape on the boy’s mother. The perpetrator of the attempted rape was also believed to be the boy’s step-grandfather.

The Malay Mail identified the man as a Nigerian national.

Malaysian authorities said that “Preliminary investigation found that the 42-year-old suspect tried to rape his stepdaughter who was sleeping in the living room but was stopped by his wife and other stepchildren.”

The stepdaughter was 24 years old.

The same authorities said that the man’s other stepchildren, who ranged between 19 to 21 years old, tried to stop the man from more violence. The trigger for the man to throw the child outside the building was when the people inside the home with him began to call for help from neighbors.

Upon hearing his stepchildren call for help, he hefted the boy and threw him out the window. The enraged man followed the boy and jumped out the window, but only fell. Security guards and members of the public caught him on the ground floor.

They handed him over to the police.

Singapore has its own share of recent child tragedies

Singapore has also seen several tragedies involving children harmed by their relatives. Recently, a couple who was proven to have very low IQ compared to others and had history of drug use were sentenced to varying years in prison for the death of their five-year-old son, who was scalded with cups of boiling water and not given immediate medical attention.

The man received 24 years in prison and caning while the woman received 24 years imprisonment and an additional year since she could not be caned as their sentences.

The boy was also locked in a cage meant for pets, beaten with a broom, and starved. He died in the hospital from his burns and the poor state of his health.

Another case that caught attention was that of a four-year-old girl who was disposed of in the trash after he death, with her mother, a man, and an elderly woman under trial for her death and how her body was found.

An eleven-year-old girl also died at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, and her mother was accused as having a hand in her death. The woman’s current partner, who had children from a previous marriage was also accused as having a hand in the child’s death.

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