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8 Different Ways To Brew Your Perfect Morning Coffee

The different ways to brew coffee using an espresso machine, a stove pot, an Aeropress machine, or trying out soft brewing and cold brewing methods.

A cup of coffee in the morning can brighten up your day. Like a cup of coffee from Convergent-Coffee. Right after you wake up, the first sip of coffee can instantly energize your entire body to take on the day. 

There are plenty of ways to make coffee, and different regions have their own methods too. It again boils down to your taste. There are even different ways to enjoy coffee – like cold coffee, lattes, decaf, mild coffee, and black coffee. Many people can not think of starting their day without a good cup of morning coffee.

This article will talk about the many different tools and techniques you can use to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

1. Using an Espresso Machine

The espresso machine has been serving us coffee since 1901. Although there are espresso machines of different shapes and sizes in recent days, the basic mechanics are almost similar.

Just pour in water inside the canister and put some freshly ground coffee beans and let the espresso machine pressurize the whole mixture. The machine will brew the delicious espresso within moments.

While espresso machines cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can now pick one up for much less as the prices have been gradually coming down over the years. See The Coffee Folk for a guide to the best espresso machines under $500.

2. Using A Pot And A Stove

Using the Cuisinart thermal coffee makers may be a faster way to prepare coffee.

The method is somewhat similar to an espresso machine. Just pour water into the reservoir and put your fresh coffee beans in the coffee filter holder. After that, you put the pot on top of a stove and let it heat the mixture.

After a few minutes, you can get your fresh cup of coffee. This is a much cheaper and more comfortable way of making coffee than an espresso machine as all you need is a pot and a stove, which everyone already has.

3. Using An Aeropress

Some swear that this is the best method of making pressurized coffee and also admit that the taste you get by making a coffee with an Aeropress is the best.

This is best for the people who travel a lot as it is easier to carry and can make coffee any time, anywhere. The best part about this is you do not need to worry about coffee bean size and water temperature; this tool does everything for you.

This machine makes you a delicious cup of coffee in just about 60 seconds. These Aeropress coffee makers are your perfect companion when you want to make coffee a part of your daily routine.

4. Making Coffee With A French Press

This is one of the oldest methods for making coffee. Although this tool might not give you the exact taste you are looking for, it makes good coffee, nonetheless.

This tool can also make a large amount of coffee in a short period, so you do not need to make coffee multiple times.

Some French Press also comes with inbuilt flask systems so you can keep the coffee inside the French press for a longer period.

5. Making Softbrew Coffee

This is also a great way to make coffee that almost works similarly to a French press. In a French press, you need to make sure that the steeping process is done correctly.

But in a Softbrew, this is no longer an issue. It also makes coffee relatively fast, in about 4-8 minutes, depending on the water temperature you put in it. But as the equipment is made with ceramic, it can chip easily.

6. The Instant Coffee Sachets

If you happen to have rushed out the door in the morning without your travel mug full of morning joe, and you don’t have time to stop at a cafe, you can always rely on an emergency solution – the instant coffee sachets.

This works very similar to tea. Just have a few handy at your desk, and all you need is boiling water to pour in the cup with the instant coffee, and voila, you are good to get your caffeine fix.

Now keep in mind that coffee snobs will tell you instant coffee tastes nothing like the real coffee, but this will do when in a bind, this will do!

7. Steeping Method To Brew Perfectly

This is also a very traditional way of making coffee, especially when you have a short time to make one.

The only thing you need to do is get some hot water, put your ground coffee in it, and let them mix up by themselves. After a while, you can filter the wet coffee grinds, and your delicious coffee will be ready to meet your caffeine needs.

Although it sounds simple, this steeping process needs to be done carefully. If you don’t let the coffee steep enough, you will have a bland brown liquid for coffee, and if you steep the coffee for too long, the taste will be bitter.  Also, never pour boiling water with coffee – let the kettle cool off for a few seconds before pouring in

8. Cold Brewing Method

This is only for making cold coffee. The coffee you get from it tastes delicious, but the downside is that it takes a lot of time to make it.

Get a regular jar and use a special filter, a cold dripper and put the filter on top of your jar, and let the dripper slowly drip coffee in your jar.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways you can make coffee. Different techniques also impact the taste. You can try out a few methods mentioned above to experience the different types.

You can experience all these different methods mentioned above. Each one has its own perks. Some also have disadvantages, like taking longer to brew or different tastes. Nevertheless, it is all part of indulging in the coffee-making experience.

And who knows, you might just discover your new favorite brewing tool and technique.

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