foodpanda Singapore is now retailing Aprons On, its latest fuss-free ready to cook meals – starts at $9.90 and 10% OFF till 30 November

foodpanda Singapore’s Aprons On meal kits are now available for purchase first at five pandamart stores Yishun, Redhill, Jurong, Bedok, and Mandai.

Aprons On aims to reduce the time and effort needed to prepare meals, especially on busy days that do not allow for the luxury of preparing and enjoying lunch.

Besides the gift of saved time and effort, the kits are also great for those just starting out on their kitchen journey. The ready to cook meals provide a great starting point upon which customers can try out new recipes, explore different cuisines, or even experiment and customise meals to your liking.

Aprons On will be launching with five vegetarian pasta options including:

Cauliflower Bolognaise

Samfaina Pisto

Ratatouille Pasta

Spinach “A La Crema”

Sweet Corn Cheese

Each kit will include pre-packed ingredients, as well as cooking instructions that customers can easily follow to prepare their meals just the way they like it. Each meal will take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare.

Feeding one to two persons, each kit will be retailing from $9.90, and customers can enjoy an introductory offer of 10% any Apron On orders until 30 November.

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