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Impossible Foods Cuts Suggested Grocery Store Prices – 30% Price Drop for Singapore retailers

Impossible Foods announces a double-digit price cut for retail stores in US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong – with Singapore retailers benefitting from discounts of up to 30%. 

Impossible Foods is strongly encouraging the roughly 17,000 grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers that sell Impossible Burger to pass the savings to consumers as soon as possible.

The latest price cut is the third double-digit reduction from Impossible Foods in less than a year. Last month, the company cut prices on average about 15% for foodservice distributors that sell to restaurants.

However, like many food companies, Impossible Foods does not typically own or operate the final point of sale for its product — grocery stores, restaurants, cafeterias, theme parks and other venues. Instead, Impossible Foods sells directly to food distributors and retailers, which in turn determine the final sale price for consumers.

Impossible Burger sales are increasingly displacing animal-derived foods, whose production is one of the biggest generators of greenhouse gas emissions and the leading driver of the global meltdown in wildlife.

Impossible Foods’ mission is to turn back the clock on global warming and restore biodiversity by creating a mainstream, mass-market, consumer movement to eliminate the most destructive technology in human history: animal agriculture.

The company’s hypergrowth has profound, positive implications for the environment and consumers, and it enables Impossible Foods to achieve economies of scale — cost savings that Impossible Foods wants to pass along to business owners and consumers.

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