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British man jailed 3 years for bestiality with chickens and dog while wife took videos

37-year old Rehan Baig of Bradford, West Yorkshire was sentenced to three years of jail for having sex with his pet chickens while his wife filmed and sometimes participated in the bestiality.

Court documents showed that he was described as “depraved, despicable and perverted” for the animal abuse that “would make any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach.”

Who is Rehan Baig?

According to Newsweek, Baig abused the chickens who were initially his pets with his wife, Haleema. His 38-year-old wife was sometimes part of the film outside the role of camerawoman, and joined in the depraved abuse of the chickens.

Haleema Baig was also involved in some of the videos’ subject matter, with her having intercourse with her husband while he alternately abused their pet chickens.

Rehan Baig was a care worker and plead guilty to having intercourse with chickens, possessing images of himself and his wife engaging in sex acts with a dog, and making indecent images of children.

What did Rehan Baig do to the chickens?

Reports said that the videos were taken using a GoPro camera and saved in a computer under the folder “family vids.”

Authorities seized two computers, a laptop, and a mobile phone from the couple’s home. There were  49 images of child abuse involving kids as young as six years old. Investigators found footage involving Baig, his wife, with the former abusing chickens and a dog.

The prosecutor told the court that Rehan Baig had sex with brown and white chickens that eventually led to the animals’ demise. In some of the videos, Baig could be seen violating dead chickens as well. There was a large bin bag in the videos, where he would discard the chickens after he was done abusing them.

There was also footage that involved both Baig and his wife involved in sexually abusing a dog. There was no dog at the time police searched their home.

What was in the footage of Rehan Baig?

The Daily Mail reported that some of the videos featured Baig naked from the waist down while his wife performed a sexual act on him. Afterwards, he moves on to penetrate the chickens and returns to her as well.

The videos featured his wife encouraging him verbally and acting consensually. The dog mentioned in the videos was believed to not be their own pet, and was encouraged to engage in sexual activity with the couple.

The abuse of the chickens was believed to have happened on more than once occasion.

Shamed their whole family

Once the story of the animal abuse broke, the extended family of the couple had received negative attention in the form of threats and attacks on their homes. The story has reached as far as Pakistan, Germany, Spain, and now Singapore.

His wife pleaded guilty but was not jailed. Her six-month sentence was suspended for 18 months and was required to attend 20 days of rehabilitation.

Aside from the footage and disgusting photos, police also found 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin.

Header image from West Yorkshire Police and Shutterstock.

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