[Review + Giveaway] HEPAS Air Purifier: Fuss-Free, No-Frills, Affordable Choice that Works - Alvinology

[Review + Giveaway] HEPAS Air Purifier: Fuss-Free, No-Frills, Affordable Choice that Works

Looking for a no-frills and fuss-free air purifier which just does what its name says- purify the air, without any fancy add-on functions (that will add to the price too)?

You might want to check out the HEPAS Air purifier. It’s a product by local Singapore air-con services company Cosy Cool.

Earlier in July 2020, it was featured in Lianhe Zaobao as being 30-40% cheaper than other purifiers of similar specs.

[Review + Giveaway] HEPAS Air Purifier: Fuss-Free, No-Frills, Affordable Choice that Works - Alvinology

When unboxed. I like its simple and rectangular design which makes it unobtrusive and almost invisible when I place it in a corner. But do note that it should be positioned at least 20cm away from the walls for maximum air flow. 

For a demonstration of its prowess, check out how it clears a smoke-filled container:

More about the filter it uses:

HEPA Air Filter with Silver-Infused Nano-Particle Layer

It uses the High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which filters 0.3 micron particles of bacteria, smoke and dust, haze, dust, germs in the air with a filtration efficiency of over 99.97%. It also absorbs bad odours with its activated carbon layer.

While the use of HEPA filter is the expected standard for air purifiers nowadays, something that differentiates HEPAS Air’s is their addition of a Silver-Infused Nano-Particle Layer to their filter. According to HEPAS Air, Silver acts as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent for our filters, eliminating viruses and bacteria ranging between 0.004 and 0.1 microns in size.

On setting up the machine, it’s very easy! You just have to remove the plastic wrapping protecting the filter first.

Easy to use Touch screen

Touch display screen is clear and easy to use. The screen also shows the current air quality for easy monitoring.

It is also smart home enabled- you can control it using your mobile phone by downloading its app.


With a noise level of 30dB, the HEPAS Air Purifier is very quiet.  I place my unit between my living room and dining area, and I do not notice it at all. That’s what we all want- a silent sentinel in the home, helping to give us cleaner air.

But note that 30dB only applies to the lowest speed setting, and the higher settings can be quite audible. Anyway, unless there is haze or smoke or renovation dust flying around, the lowest speed mode is good enough for my normal days, hence I am not bothered by the louder sound from the higher settings.

Filter replacement

The cost of replacement filter is something that has to be factored in when deciding on which air purifier to buy. Hence I appreciate that HEPAS Air is very transparent and upfront about the cost of filter replacements. In any case, there’s a 10.10 bundle deal promotion going-on now. Head over for a look.

Check HEPAS Air purifier out on their Website, also available on Shopee.


In a special partnership with Cosy Cool, we are giving away a unit of HEPAS Air Purifier (worth $250). To win, follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for details.

Header image via Cosy Cool

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