[#SUPPORTLOCAL] "BOOBKIES" anyone? Gooberr's All-Natural Cookies and Snacks for Lactating Mums - Alvinology

[#SUPPORTLOCAL] “BOOBKIES” anyone? Gooberr’s All-Natural Cookies and Snacks for Lactating Mums

Stress is not a good ingredient for lactating mothers, as it affects the quantity and quality of their milk. The past several months have been harrowing for new mothers everywhere, including Singapore, given the strange new world which COVID-19 has brought us all into.

Imagine having to work from home, juggle a newborn child while still trying to keep the house in order, all these in the landscape of not being able to get external help from confinement nannies or domestic helpers who are far and few for hire due to travel restrictions.

This is where Gooberr comes in. A Singapore homegrown business, founded by Chin Rui Shan in 2019, aims to make post-pregnancy much easier and much more enjoyable, through its range of Boobkies, or lactation cookies.

[#SUPPORTLOCAL] "BOOBKIES" anyone? Gooberr's All-Natural Cookies and Snacks for Lactating Mums - Alvinology
Chin Rui Shan, Founder of Gooberr

Gooberr’s lactation cookies come in five flavours that are unlike those commonly seen in the market:

  • Dark Chocolate Decaf
  • White Chocolate Matcha
  • White Chocolate Earl Grey
  • Gooberr’s Chocolate Chip
  • White Chocolate Strawberry

The cookies are said to promote healthy lactation within 8 hours of consumption – without additives or complicated side effects.

This is possible as the cookies are enriched with galactagogues (ingredients that stimulate breast milk) derived from natural foods such as Brewer’s Yeast, oats and flaxseed. Furthermore, as some expecting mothers prefer to consume lactation cookies before giving birth in preparation for breastfeeding, Gooberr also ensures that their cookies do not contain fenugreek – traditionally used to aid and induce labour – which would complicate contractions. They are also eggless, keeping to strict confinement rules and ensuring mothers will not have to worry about the risk of salmonella.

Obviously as a male species of the human race, I can’t lactate. Nonetheless, my curiosity was piqued by how Boobkies would taste like. I tried the Dark Chocolate Decaf and Chocolate Chip and both were pretty good, nothing weird or funky or excessively milky, pun intended. The ingredients are clearly labelled at the back of the packagings so you know exactly what you are consuming:

Produced in a facility that possesses the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Grade A in Singapore, Gooberr also ensures the highest quality of baking and packaging.

Additionally, Gooberr has also expanded to include skincare products to treat eczema and dry skin common among mothers and babies, by using 100% plant-derived ingredients. More details on their product offerings can be found on their Gooberr’s official website.

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