Thinking of somewhere to bring the kids? Here are four reasons why you might want to consider Madame Tussauds at Sentosa:

  1. Educational- kids get a visual crash course of Singapore’s history- scenes of old Singapore “come alive” in 3D wax models, as well as other world leaders and iconic personalities.
  2. Kids can be in the thick of the action as their favorite action heroes come alive in front of them in the Marvel 4D Cinema
  3. Kids who like racing games can have a go on the virtual reality racing experience (this requires an additional ticket)
  4. Madame Tussauds is SG clean certified so you can be assured of the hygiene and safe-distancing measures in place.

The normal admission ticket into Madame Tussauds provided access to five zones ( Ultimate Film Star Experience, Images of Singapore,Madame Tussauds, Spirit of Singapore boat ride, and Marvel 4D Cinema). The VR Racing Experience required additional top-up.

Here’s showing you in a pictures-heavy post on what you can expect!

The kids were palpably excited to enter the portals to another world
Entrance to the Ultimate Film Star Experience on the left, entrance to Images of Singapore on the right


First stop- the make-up studio to get yourself ready to mingle with the Bollywood stars
Checking out their visages
The ground is shaking and the walls are crumbling! The kiddos star in their first disaster short film.
On the top of the world lookin’ down on creation

After the glam and glamour of Bollywood and shot at stardom, it’s time to come back to reality as we proceeded to walk down Singapore’s memory lane.


Parents will probably like this section best as the education element is strong in this one. Teaching materials abound at every turn. Introduce the kids to stories of colonial Singapore and regale them with tales of hardworking coolies, ma jies (妈姐) and Samsui women. Interest them in the simple games you (or the grandparents) used to play (capteh, spinning tops), and hopefully get them to cut down on screen time. Just remember not to be too long-winded and give the kids space to just absorb the sights themselves!

An eerie blue-faced colonial official welcomed the boys on their journey back to the past
Poring over old Singapore records à la Sherlock Holmes
The themed passageways in between exhibitions

Scenes of Singapore of yore: Coolies resting in humble abode; a ma jie (妈姐) visiting a letter writer; kids playing capteh on the street; A Malay lady hawking traditional wares like batik and woven crafts; a young boy at a wayang kulit; kids playing spinning top (tuoluo, 陀螺); Samsui woman laying bricks; kacang putih seller; shop selling black and white TVs


A short and leisurely boat ride where the kids had fun pointing out iconic Singapore figures, buildings and scenes they recognise.

Stamford Raffles and Marina Bay Sands are two of the icons you will encounter. Shall not spoil the fun for you by revealing more! Check it out yourself.


Who is this? If your kid can’t answer, get him or her to look at the $ingapore notes for a clue.
Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew
Singapore’s Who’s Who- A group shot (=p)
Game of football with Cristiano Ronaldo
Sit ups with Beckham
Fancy getting a kick in the face by Bruce Lee?
Filming Oprah’s talk show


The kids were psyched to watch their favorite Marvel heroes and villains emerge off the movie screen and kept trying to touch the projections with their fingers. Some of the special effects you can expect are winds and bubbles, and a poke- but we won’t tell you where!

Wearing the 3D glasses


The next Lewis Hamilton?
Immersed in the thrill of the race

This VR racing experience was the boys’ unanimous favorite activity of the day. Marvel 4D Cinema was the second.

All in all, it was a fun day out.

Do share with us your experience of Madam Tussaud and more ideas of where to bring the kids over the weekend in the comments!


You can visit Madam Tussaud Singapore’s official site to find out more about online promotions and bundle deals.