Are you vegetarian? Pescatarian? Or simply looking to cut down meat whether for health, environmental or ethical reasons? Good news for you. There’s one more restaurant you can consider. Sushi Tei has just launched a plant-based menu! Available from today to 13 October.

This is the home-grown Japanese sushi restaurant chain first foray into plant-based meat alternatives, which is the zeitgeist sweeping through the F&B scene nowadays.

The new meat-free menu consists of delicious Japanese-style dishes such as Shokobutsu BBQ Ham Roll (S$7.80), Shokubutsu Ebi Roll (S$9.80), Shokubutsu Curry Omurice (S$13.80), Shokubutsu Hamburg (S$10.80) and Shokubutsu Fish Nugget (S$9.80).

Shokubutsu Ebi Roll (S$9.80) and Shokobutsu BBQ Ham Roll (S$7.80)

Sushi Tei’s plant-based menu is a collaboration with two other homegrown brands, Country Foods and Growthwell Group. The latter’s OKK’s products – egg-free ingredients made with soy, mushroom and konnyaku – are heavily featured in the new menu.

Shokobutsu BBQ Ham Roll comprises OKK’s plant-based chicken ham and rice that is covered with nutty sesame seeds, and topped with sliced cucumber, mayonnaise and mango.

The Shokubutsu Ebi Roll features OKK’s plant-based prawn that is deep-fried and topped with a dollop of mayonnaise. The sushi is also rolled with plant-based minced meat.

Shokubutsu Curry Omurice (S$13.80)

The Shokubutsu Curry Omurice highlights the multiple uses of mushrooms; Japanese-style curry with tender braised beef made from shiitake mushrooms and topped with a savoury fluffy omelette.

Shokubutsu Fish Nugget (S$9.80)
Texture mimics the soft flaky meat of a real fish fillet

The Shokubutsu Fish Nugget is made using OKK’s konnyaku, which is naturally cholesterol-free, high in fibre and low in calories. The konnyaku is coated with batter, then deep-fried to an enticing golden-brown for a crisp bite.

Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream (S$4.00)- the nutty flavor really came through and this dessert was a lovely cap to the healthier meal!

The plant-based menu is a part of Sushi Tei’s seasonal wellness menu, Kenko Feast, which features other healthy creations such as Buta Soy Milk Ramen (S$16.80), Goshiki Don (S$11.80) and the season’s freshest prized chutoro.

Sashimi “Kochi” 4 Kinds (S$26.80)


The plant-based menu will be available from 26 August to 13 October 2020 in Sushi Tei’s outlets islandwide.