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[PROMO INSIDE] Impossible Foods explains how its burgers are saving the planet, choose healthy and claim a special merch this April

Throughout Earth Month, Impossible Foods is helping customers in Singapore and Hong Kong see the positive environmental impact of choosing plant-based meat over its animal-based counterpart.

The company will reward meat-loving customers who choose Impossible dishes from participating restaurants, whether they dine out, or choose to deliver in, with special limited edition Earth Month merchandise.

At the end of the campaign, Impossible Foods will unveil the total sustainability impact across all of the participating restaurants, driven entirely by the planet-conscious choices made by Singapore and Hong Kong diners.

Impossible Foods aims to reduce the need for animal agriculture. Using modern technology, Impossible Foods replicates the meaty taste and deliciousness that people love in meat, using plant-based ingredients with a significantly lower environmental impact.

The Impossible Burger (of 113g serving size), compared to ground beef from a cow, uses 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% fewer greenhouse gasses. For the consumer, it means that this saves 7 square meters of land, 3 kg of CO2, and 84 litres of water.

Just in 2019 alone, the impact of Singaporean consumers choosing Impossible Burger over beef from a cow saves environmental resources equivalent to:

  • More than 3.8 million square meters of land saved – roughly the land area of 538 football fields or 3.8 times the size of Gardens by the Bay
  • Over 96 million water bottles worth of water (0.5L each)
  • The greenhouse gas emissions of more than 7 million km driven in a car


From 1 to 30 April, customers who choose to order an Impossible dish from any of the participating restaurants will get limited edition Earth Month pins and stickers.

On Earth Day itself (22 April), key partners including Three Buns, Nam Nam, Pizza Express and PS. Cafe will celebrate the day by giving out exclusive merchandise like tote bags, sustainability cutlery and socks to all customers.

Merchandise available while supplies last.

Moreover, Customers who are eager for more Impossible merchandise can scan QR codes from all of the participating restaurants and share the sustainability savings infographic on their Instagram for a chance to win Earth Month tote bags.

Special Earth Month dishes include a new plant-based menu from Three Buns, featuring new burgers like the Impossible Hombre, a Mexican-inspired stack with Impossible hot chilli and roasted peppers; and Le Big Mock, a plant-based take on the famous burger with dill, toasted caraway and vegan cheddar on a toasted mango-flour sesame bun.

Pizza Express will introduce the hearty Impossible Meatballs al Forno, while PS. Cafe will launch the all-new Impossible Bombay Koftas served with a cauliflower and potato hash.

Earth Month Participating Restaurants in SG

  1. Nam Nam
  2. Pizza Express
  3. PS. Cafe
  4. Three Buns Singapore
  5. Chili Padi
  6. Springleaf Prata Place
  7. Fatpapas
  8. Loof
  9. Oriole
  10. Overeasy
  11. Prive (Tiong Bahru)
  12. Sticky Wings
  13. Stuff’d
  14. Swensen’s
  15. Straits Chinese
  16. Empress
  17. Extra Virgin Pizza
  18. Fatboy’s
  19. Violet Oon

Please check in with the restaurant partners, or delivery platforms directly, for Impossible takeaway and delivery options.


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