A little game that Singaporean netizens liked to play was to have a countdown on how long it would take for them to discuss asylum-seeker Amos Yee, who fled to the United States after his stint in Singaporean jail for outrageous comments on Lee Kwan Yeuw. But it seems that there was something new to talk about.

From Amos Yee to Polocle

No, that wasn’t the name of a new Pokemon, but what Amos Yee has started calling himself after he “revamped” his image following his supposed maturity. In the About section of his new page, he described himself as a 21-year-ol Singaporean living in Chicago, who wants to spread truth and kindness.

He also considers himself a Pedophile Rights Supporter. Alvinology previously reported on his stance, where he said that it should be legalized. He had also previously asked for someone to take him in rent-free in a place that allowed him to create more YouTube videos, which he previously said were his passion.

He said his new persona came from his two favorite words “Polymath” and “Oracle,” which he put together to form the new name.

After being banned from the YouTube video content platform, Amos put up a website where you can view his content. YouTube had previously banned him due to his views of pedophilia, which constitutes violations of its rules.

According to his website, “I’m a 21-year-old, ex-Singaporean, now American, living in Chicago. I’m also a far-left Anarchist, pro-vegan, atheist, Pedophile Right’s Activist.”

Amos Yee says he did it all for the attention

A report from All Singapore Stuff mentioned that Amos had made some realizations over the course of his asylum in the United States.

According to the report, he said that the photos and video of him leaving detention back in Singapore were all staged, and that he was not really feeling the trauma, and the distress of being incarcerated. He allegedly only put up a show for the reporters, and had laughed all the way home when he boarded the taxi.

He added that a lot of his videos made in Singapore were because of his diagnosed narcissism, which he had received help for in the United States. He said that he would turn over a new leaf and spread truth and kindness instead.

On his new website, you can still see his views supporting pedophilia, which got him banned from YouTube.

Netizens react to Amos Yee the Polocle

Here are what Singapore netizens have to say about Amos Yee.

Some of them surmised what his supporters thought of his controversial stance on such a problematic subject.

Others mentioned that Amos was intelligent and did well enough in school to have a better future than being in asylum in the United States suffering from a mental illness.

While another commenter claimed to have known someone who was familiar with Amos Yee during his younger years. He mentioned how Amos would not attend classes, and instead spent the whole day in the rest room.

Amos will allegedly continue to post on his new blog.