It seems like just yesterday when we were all living our lives with hardly a care in the world. Nowadays, things are different. Very different. Because of Covid-19, we no longer greet people by shaking their hands. In fact, we wash our hands every chance we get. As much as possible, we avoid handling money and touching our faces and unknown surfaces. All of a sudden, we have become hyper-aware of the possibility of picking up germs wherever we go and passing them on to other people.

Despite the fact that a lot of businesses and activities are going back to normal, that doesn’t mean that we can just go back to our carefree lives. No. We need to do our best to keep staying safe – not just for our own sake, but for the sake of our loved ones and everyone else around us. If you need a bit of help in that department, here are 6 useful products that can help keep your mind calm (or at least calmer) as you navigate the new normal.

King’s Metal Negative Ion Sterilisation Mask Storage Bag

We all know how important it is to wear a good mask during this time. However, you also need to consider the fact that you need to temporarily remove your mask every now and then, such as when you eat or drink. This could result in your mask being contaminated by bacteria. Where should you place your mask while you eat and drink?

Enter the Sterilisation Mask Storage Bag ($19). Patented with a unique hexagonal metal sheet containing 77% copper, 22% tin alloy and 1% silver, these metals are said to have antibacterial properties. Copper, like silver, provides strong antiseptic and antibacterial action, and even has a deodorising effect. The beehive structure maximises the area exposed to air and boasts enhanced sterilisation action.

Instead of placing your mask on the table, inside your bag, or in your pocket when you need to remove it temporarily, why not store it temporarily in this bag with peace of mind?

Mobilesteri Solar-Powered UV-C Steriliser Toothbrush Cap

Did you know that toothbrushes tend to have more bacteria on them than toilet seats? That is especially the case if your toothbrush shares the same space as your toilet and you don’t make it a habit to close the lid of your toilet bowl when flushing. In case you don’t sterilise your toothbrush every morning like the fictional obsessive-compulsive homicide detective Adrian Monk, now is a good a time as any to start.

The MobileSteri Solar-Powered UV-C Steriliser Toothbrush Cap ($29) can kill up to 99% of the bacteria on your toothbrush, wherever you might be. Thanks to its three solar panels, it can get good light reception from any light source, so you don’t need to plug it in anywhere to charge it. How convenient is that?

Mobilesteri UV-C Steriliser Water Bottle

With the help of UV-C technology, the Mobilesteri UV-C Water Bottle ($79) with Integrated Temperature Display and Touch-Panel Control can sterilise and kill 99.9% of bacteria that might cling to the insides of your bottle or even in the water in your bottle.

The UV-C sterilisation function turns on every two hours to ensure that you never have to worry about bacteria in your water again. The sterilisation process will also stop whenever the lid is opened, ensuring that you don’t waste battery life in the process. This stainless steel bottle can also show you the water temperature, and it’s easy to fit into different bags.

Travelmall Multi-Functional UV Steriliser with Qi Wireless Charger

In case you didn’t know, bacteria can cling to your smartphone and make it 10 times less hygienic than a public toilet. How can our smartphones be cleaned effectively and thoroughly then? If only we could bathe it in UV rays. Hey wait, you can. Thanks to its built-in UV-C LED technology, the Travelmall Multi-functional UV Steriliser Station with Qi Wireless Charger ($79) is said to be able to kill 99.9% of bacteria often found on smartphone displays, within six minutes.

The charger also has a wireless charging function, which can recharge compatible smartphones wirelessly while sterilising it at the same time. You can even use the charger to sanitise other personal belongings that can fit into it, like watches and keys.

Travelmall XL Multi-Functional UV Steriliser with Qi Wireless Charger

This XL-sized Multi-functional UV Steriliser Station with 10W Qi Wireless Charger ($89) is pretty much the same as the previous product; just a little bigger. Its size accommodates bigger items like remote controls, wallet, computer mouse, and glasses.

Its 10W wireless charging function is double that of the previous product, which allows you to charge your smartphone faster. It will take 18 minutes to complete a sterilisation programme.

Travelmall Portable UV Steriliser

But if you’re looking to sterilise items which will not fit inside the XL-sized Multi-functional UV Steriliser Station with 10W Qi Wireless Charger, check out the Travelmall Portable UV Steriliser ($59). It is a rechargeable, cordless device which can disinfect the surfaces of a range of items, like door handles, clothes, plates, pillow cases, and keyboards. All you have to do is aim the UV-C light face down, 5cm away from the surface and hover over it for two minutes.

With its portable design, you can bring it with you everywhere you go – to the office, hotels, public places, toilets, public transportation and in airports.

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, it is time we adjusted to life in the new normal. Head on to our Shop and get your hands on these must-have items now!