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6 Ways to Cope with the Pandemic

If you’re one of the many people who are still stuck at home due to remote work arrangements, or to simply help flatten the curve of COVID-19, good job and thank you for putting your share of the work.

But with the time you’ve spent at home, you’re probably thinking, “what now?”

With the ongoing pandemic causing a lot of establishments on limited operations, it also doesn’t mean you also have to put your life on-pause. With the extra time you have, here are some tips on how to make the most of your me-time during these challenging times:

1. Reconnect with Friends through Netflix watch parties or online games

Sure, COVID-19 may have had delayed the upcoming FRIENDS reunion, but don’t let it stop you from reconnecting with your friends and families.  Similar to the other TV shows who have done their own digital get-togethers, why don’t you organize one with your best buds? Technology these days have made it so easy for us to remain alone-together with your favorite people. Schedule a regular video conferencing call with your gang and reminisce on the good old times. Do some fun activities: play online games like anything in Jackbox TV or mobile apps like “Among Us,” or setup Netflix watch parties. Having something to look forward to every week will definitely improve your mood.

2. Declutter and Clean Up

Marie Kondo’s tenet to decluttering is to ask the question, “does it spark joy?”. Despite the mess this pandemic is causing everyone, we won’t be able to say goodbye to it yet. So, why don’t you do the next best thing: declutter and clean up your place! Invest in a good vacuum and cleaning tools, then bid farewell to the dust bunnies living in your home. Take a look at these stick vacuum cleaners from Unclutterer, which will help you to keep your home fresh and clean.

It’s a low-key exercise and your body will thank you for living in a much cleaner home. Be on the lookout for charity groups and organizations too. They might be able to take in your extra stuff and they can give it to someone who needs it the most during these times.

3. Schedule your own DIY Spa Day

Whether you live alone or with your family, working at home can become tiring. As you juggle home errands with your actual job, you may want to stop and give yourself (optional: with your loved one) some pamper time. Since a lot of the spas and wellness facilities are still closed or under limited operations, consider bringing the spa experience at home. Check out Instagram or YouTube for hacks on organic facial masks and body scrubs, and order your ingredients online. Mix them all together, turn on some mood lighting, and play a spa-themed Spotify playlist on the background, then voila, you have your own DIY day spa.

4. Consider Meditating

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a religious person or not – anyone can meditate. There is no right or wrong with meditation. Meditation helps you declutter your mind, create awareness within yourself, and be in the moment. With many reports on how this pandemic is affecting everyone’s mental health, meditation can definitely aid in coping with the situation. There are certain guided meditations that provide relevant content in line with the current situation. For instance, Sam Harris’ “Waking Up” is a mobile application that provides guided meditation and recorded discussions on meditation theories. He even has relevant discussions that talks about dealing with the worldwide pandemic.

Besides, meditation is pretty simple. All you need to do is sit, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. If thoughts come in, simply acknowledge them then go back to your breathing. There is no right or wrong. It is simply like a mental muscle you need to exercise.

5. Take on a Mini-Challenge

Real talk: being productive during these uncertain times can be tough. Living with this pandemic can make you feel so lost and down in the dumps. However, don’t stress yourself out if you haven’t been achieving your big life goals. What’s important is to keep moving forward and taking it one day at a time. Hence, consider doing mini challenges instead. According to a study, taking on challenges builds self-esteem. So finish that book you started last year. Do a daily 10-minute workout break. Learn a simple recipe. What matters is you push forward and don’t give up in accomplishing small feats.Do some Retail Therapy

6. Do Some Retail Therapy

When all else fails, a little retail therapy won’t hurt. After a long work week, be conscious to stop and reward yourself for a good job, or to pick yourself up after a bad day. Just remember that treating yourself doesn’t have to break bank. With a bit of research, you can buy the things you want and stick within your budget. There are websites that give out Lazada promo vouchers or discount codes from your favorite online stores. Your favorite stores can also offer daily deals through their mobile apps, so don’t forget to download and check them out. What’s important is that you don’t let the pandemic take away the opportunity to treat yourself and celebrate even the smallest wins.

In Conclusion

Spending time at home doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to make the most out of your me-time. With all of the uncertainty, keeping a healthy mind and body is more crucial now than ever. We have our own ways of dealing the impact of the current situation we’re in, but with these tips, we hope that you find inspiration in taking care of yourself. With our efforts to flatten the curve, we will all get over this situation and soon go out to enjoy the fun activities we missed.

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