Headed to the Hills: A Guide to Ba Na Hills in Vietnam - Alvinology

Headed to the Hills: A Guide to Ba Na Hills in Vietnam

Ba Na Hills and its stunning famous Golden Bridge are located west of Da Nang in the Truong Son Mountains.

Founded in 1919 by French colonists, the pristine area was home to a very popular resort that was constantly bustling with tourists. It is easy to see why; located 1500 meters above sea level, the breath-taking scenery gives spectacular views of the east sea and the neighboring mountains. Nowadays, it’s a busy tourist attraction snuggled away in a beautiful area of the mountains. Ba Na Hills also has the longest nonstop single-track cable car which measures an outstanding 19,032 feet long!

Thinking of going to Ba Na Hills? Read our guide on how to get there and the best things to do and see.

Headed to the Hills: A Guide to Ba Na Hills in Vietnam - Alvinology

When’s the Best Time to Go? 

The best time to visit this attraction is the winter months which stretch from January to March or October to December. While the park is open from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, it is best to get there between 9 am to 5pm. This allows for the best views and more restaurants and shops to be open to tourists.

Getting In

Tickets for this attraction can put you back 33 dollars for a round trip one-day entrance. Kids tickets only cost 27 dollars – but they must be between 1 and 3 meters. Any child shorter gets free entrance. These prices include free cable car rides and entrance into almost all of the attractions in the park. If a visitor wants to attend the wax museum and play games in fantasy park, there are extra fees.

The best part is that the only way into the park is by cable car! While it is the longest and highest cable car in the world, it was built with the highest standards in Europe and is 100% safe. While taking the cable car, make sure you take in the spectacular views of Da Nang and the surrounding forests. During the peak season, lines can last from 30 minutes to an hour, so be there early.

Things to Do

In the park, often described as miniature Europe, you can view and tour architecture inspired by the peak of the renaissance.

Inside you can find shops, restaurants, hotels and even old churches that are derived from actual buildings located in Europe. A highlight is the wine cellar that was constructed back in 1923. Originally meant to preserve fruits, it now offers a vast array of cocktails and snacks.

Another great highlight of the trip is the Jardin D’Amour. Decorated in the style of a European garden, this will prove to be one of your best photo-taking experiences. The garden is divided into 9 smaller floral gardens, and each one is unique and offers its own experiences to tourists.

The Golden Bridge

Located over 1000 meters above sea level, the Golden Bridge has become the most sought-after attraction in Ba Na Hills. Only recently opened, people flock to this attraction to take pictures with the huge carved hands which appear to hold up the golden railings. Since it’s located high in the sky, on foggy days it feels like you are walking through the heavens.

While Vietnam is a beautiful country that travelers love to visit to during the spring and fall seasons, Ba Na Hills is a trip that should be high on your itinerary. From its deep roots in history to its architectural delights, the attraction offers a unique experience for all forms of travelers. It is very important to bring your camera, because you do not want to miss out on the breathtaking views and picture opportunities. We hope you enjoy the beautiful cable car ride and stunningly curated gardens as much as we did!

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