Phase 2 of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker started on June 19, and everyone apparently had a photo of how things went down. Eager to get outside and revive the economy or just finally feel their feet hit the pavement, Singaporeans and foreigners flocked to food and beverage outlets and other parts of the city.

Are the Merdeka Generation ready for Phase 2?

Queues galore

As social distancing measures are still in place, malls and other commercial establishment were keen to limit the number of people inside their stores–which meant queues everywhere. This did not stop the crowds from coming and the lines from forming. It seems people don’t mind the long wait if it meant being able to go shopping.

This is what Don Don Donki on Somerset looked like.

Changi Village looked like this on June 19 in the evening, with people eating dinner, and making sure to keep their groups down to five people. Everyone in this area seemed to be wearing a mask as well.

IKEA’s food selections may not be on offer, but people still made the trek to Tampines to buy the latest thing they had to assemble at home. Or more kitchenware!

Singaporeans also seemed to miss Daiso, as a lot of people were queuing as early as 9:45 in the morning to get their items.

Did they have a sale? Or did people need one-price essentials?

Parents also looked like they were gearing up for the new school year, as bookstores had very long lines as well.

In other areas, the queues snake through the hawker centres, but diners are already fearlessly taking their dinners out all over the island. If it weren’t for the masks and queues, you’d think it’s just a quiet night in Singapore.

Are these Circuit Breaker Phase 2 violations?

Some people and establishments, though, may not have able to implement the Circuit Breaker rules in an ideal manner, as evidenced in this photo of Holland Village shared to Singapore Atrium Sale. Take a look at the people in line who do not practice social distancing and are not wearing face masks.

According to government websites, people are required to maintain one metre social distancing between each other, and if unable to, maintain social distancing between their groups when they are out. People cannot move from one group to another, so going out in groups of five people together is prohibited. Only five people at a time can visit another person’s home.

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Even before the second phase of the Circuit Breaker was in place, masks were mandatory. The penalty for failing to wear a mask can be a fine of $300 up to $1000 depending on the number of offenses. You would have to prove that you have a medically-mandated reason for not wearing a mask or be a child younger than two years old to be exempt from wearing a mask.

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Header image from Singapore Atrium Sale.