[PROMO INSIDE] Zouk’s new Bottled Cocktails are easy to carry and can satisfy a group of four!

Zouk unveils a new line of three bottled cocktails inspired by nostalgic and iconic local flavours. Crafted by Zouk’s Mixologists, each cocktail pays tribute to Singaporean favourites, with flavours like Milo Gao, Asam Guava and Teh Peng harking back to integral childhood memories and idyllic days of drinking and ordering fruits at your local coffee shops.

Milo Gao

Milo Gao draws on Milo’s heady blend of chocolate and malt, enhanced with scotch whiskey to elevate this childhood classic to a delectable tipple. Creamy and milky in texture, the all-too-familiar taste of Milo resonates throughout the drink with just the right balance of whiskey.

Asam Guava

Asam Guava packs a refreshing oomph with a harmonious pairing of vodka and guava with plum powder. The hint of zest brings out the saccharine goodness of the guava and plum powder mixture, resulting in a steady composition of sweet and savoury.

The Asam Guava bottle comes with a sachet of asam powder packed separately, either to be mixed into the drink, or used to line the rim of the cocktail glass.

Teh Peng

This alcoholic expression of Teh Peng uses red tea as its base for a more piquant tea flavour, balanced with milk and vodka to pack a punch with every sip. The Teh Peng bottle comes paired with brown sugar boba pearls and brown sugar syrup, packed separately as an option to turn this cocktail into an alcoholic bubble tea.

Delivered Fresh to You!

Made fresh-to-order, the cocktails come in a 500ml bottle priced at $60. Each bottle serves four, with a recommended consumption of within three days from purchase.

Zouk’s bottled cocktails are available for delivery, self-pickup and takeaway from RedTail via ZoukSHOP. Delivery charges apply.

The bottled cocktails are also available on Lazada via Zouk Singapore’s LazMall store. As part of Lazada’s Mid-Year Festival, the bottled cocktails are currently offered at a promotional 10% discount from 18 to 25 June.

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