Solubots unveils the Solubots (Self-Cleansing) Disinfecting Robot, or SDR very recently. Coupling patented self-cleansing technology with autonomous or remote-control function, this made-in-Singapore innovation eliminates the risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection for disinfecting personnel.

The SDR’s exclusive bell-shaped fibreglass casing with streamlined surfaces allows disinfectant droplets to cover it entirely and fluids to drain away effectively during any disinfecting process. In addition, the absence of protuberances such as bolts and nuts on the SDR, commonly seen in similar robots, prevents foreign matter such as viruses from gathering and residing on its body.

Capable of shooting strong jets of disinfecting solution carrying chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, the robot is designed for killing coronaviruses. At about 8.5 microns in size, the disinfectant droplets are small enough to float in the air to increase treatment coverage.

The SDR can operate in two modes – remote control for affected areas and autonomous navigation for general disinfecting.

  1. Remote Control – for affected areas, the operator can use a joystick, tablet or mobile phone to remotely control the spraying of disinfectant into nooks and crannies, with the aid of two water-resistant cameras.
  2. Autonomous Navigation – for general disinfecting, the robot can assume the autonomous navigation mode with built-in lidar and ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles such as glass.

The robot can be used in both inhabited and habited spaces, an advantage over ultraviolet-C (UV-C) robots that require target spaces to be vacated due to health risks posed by UV-C light.

See the Solubots (Self-Cleansing) Disinfecting Robot in action:

The SDR’s compact form can fit into small spaces such as hospital rooms with ease measuring only 1.2 metres in height and 0.7 metres in width. Capable of cleaning space of about 27 cubic metres, or 8.5 square metres by 3 metres, per minute, it can complete disinfecting a typical hospital room in about 15 to 30 minutes.

Maintenance for the SDR is made easy with built-in LED indicators for water level, battery power and error messages.

Currently in the trial stage, the SDR will be distributed by a fulfilment partner, NEC Asia Pte Ltd, both locally and in the Southeast Asia region.

Solustar is also the manufacturer of the VAL concierge robot series. Solubots is supported as an incubatee company by the IES-Incubator and Accelerator (IES-INCA), the technology incubation arm of The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). IES-INCA focuses on supporting technopreneurs in commercialising deep tech innovations to impact the industry and people’s lives.