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Foyce Le Xuan stops COVID-19 case announcements after being ‘officially informed’

What used to be a nightly Instagram post detailing her life with her cat and a casual “number-drop” that eerily preceded the official daily COVID-19 case count has stopped for Foyce Le Xuan. According to her latest Instagram post, she has been “officially informed” that she can no longer share case numbers as it is part of the “government official secrets act.”

Foyce Le Xuan predicted COVID-19 numbers before announcement

In an Instagram post confirming that she used to share virus statistics, Singaporean influencer Foyce Le Xuan said that “I’m officially informed from now on (that) I cannot share out numbers publicly, rated as government official secrets act.”

The former singer-actress had resurfaced online with regular updates on how she consistently wins at 4D lottery, saying that she could also teach other people how she can earn money from just joining the lottery.

A report from Asia One said that she had been consistently reporting COVID-19 cases hours before the Ministry of Health (MOH) would publish the results. The 40-year-old Foyce would allegedly report a certain number earlier in the day to the MOH announcement, with her report close to the official number.

The report from Asia One said, “Foyce first posted on April 15 that there were ‘443 cases and counting’. MOH later announced that there were 446 confirmed cases that day. The following day, Foyce said that there would be 728 new cases, some four hours before the authorities announced the same figure.”

Previous posts on her Instagram showed that she casually inserted her announcements in her social media posts.

Further comments from the post above show that she was also ahead of media reporting mistakes. Others seemed to be in the same practice of announcing the number of cases before everyone else too.

Foyce Le Xuan stops COVID-19 case announcements after being 'officially informed' - Alvinology

Aside from these comments, Foyce has also posted on her Facebook about in-depth details to the tests, which include re-tests and other statistics.

The last update Foyce had on the number of cases in Singapore was April 18.

COVID-19 case leaking lead to arrests

While Foyce said on her Instagram account that she was “officially notified” that her practice of divulging case statistics wasn’t aligned with Singaporean law, two people were arrested for announcing numbers ahead of time.

According to the same report, ” A 37-year-old woman and 38-year-old man were arrested for leaking a draft of a media release about the Covid-19 school closures on April 3, before the information was officially announced to the public.”

What is Foyce Le Xuan up to now?

While she no longer has any new posts about her winnings and controversial folded tickets at 4D, she continues to post about Circuit Breaker efforts, and in the latest one calls attention to Lawrence Wong.

Foyce gained notoriety in our earlier report for accusing Jack Neo of sexual harassment, and being able to use 4D consistently as a way to acquire money. She was very open with her story about breast augmentation surgery and how she had survived for the past few years after she disappeared from the limelight.

As of publishing, Singapore has 1,037 new cases of COVID-19, most of them from foreign worker dormitories, which brings the total number of cases up to 11,178. 

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