Some of us anticipated it, others hoped we didn’t have to extend–but no matter what your opinion you have of the Circuit Breaker extensions and other new guidelines, we can all appreciate the memes brought forth by Singaporeans all over the world.

Circuit Breaker measures against COVID-19 extended until June 1

In his address today, Prime Minister Lee hsien Long announced that Circuit Breaker measures put in place to control the spread of the COVID-19 infection across the country need to be extended until June 1.

People were quick to notice that unlike previous public addresses, the PM was no longer wearing a pink shirt. He was wearing a dark blue shirt this time.

Still, some parts of his speech were similar to the ones he had given weeks before, down to the drinking of the water.

Circuit Breaker extension is the heartbreaker

PM Lee’s fashion choices aside, tech-savvy Singaporeans with a lot of time on their hands were quick to make memes that everyone can certainly laugh at and relate to:

Even before the address started, there was certainly one group of people who knew a crowd was going to gather–at your local grocery store. Is this the real frontline?

We’re sure a lot of families have busted out the old UNO set, and by this time we hope you all still love each other as a family despite getting this card played on you all the time.

Of course, people were still looking for the special water that prepared PM Lee for a shift in language to address different people in Singapore.

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Everyone knows that more Circuit Breaker measures means that more money has to be poured into fighting the virus. Here’s a meme that lets us feel what some government officials may be feeling.

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And of course, here’s a meme that everyone anticipating the end of Circuit Breaker may be relating to quite strongly right now.

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Of course, aside from our finances, our romantic relationships may also be feeling the strain of separation–or even too much time together. Don’t worry, just like COVID-19, we can all have a ‘new normal’ after the Circuit Breaker is done.

Some Singaporeans even felt that an Avengers meme would be appropriate right now.

With so many of us stuck at home ‘decluttering’ or going through old things you forgot about (or wish didn’t exist like your teenage email address), Marie Kondo memes weren’t in short supply.

Have you been craving for McDonald’s? We have. Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen on June 1.

But we all have to thank someone for asking the right questions.

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Is this the true form of the Circuit Breaker?

Also, thanks to our previous post on Singapore’s now-defunct Virus Vanguard, they have their own set of memes too.

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According to a report from Channel News Asia, the Circuit Breaker extension has been put in place to “decisively bring down the number of coronavirus cases in the community, and to make sure that if any “leakage” occurs from the foreign worker dormitories to the wider community, Singapore can detect and contain it early.”

Let’s all stay home and do our part, everyone!