[GIVEAWAY] Razer KRAKEN KITTY is testament to Razer’s utmost commitment to their customers’ feedback

When I first saw the viral pictures of the Razer KRAKEN KITTY gaming headphones online, my initial reaction was that it was a pretty smart marketing gimmick from the global gaming lifestyle brand to capitalise on the female gamer market.

I mean, pink kitty ears – how can the online crowd NOT adore them!

That’s not the whole story though.

Beyond being just a marketing gimmick, there is a more interesting backstory to the Razer KRAKEN KITTY that is testament to Razer’s utmost commitment to take their customers’ feedbacks seriously.

The Razer KRAKEN KITTY Backstory

It all started when a Razer employee added her own kitty ears add-ons to her KRAKEN headset. As part of the company’s open culture to encourage employees to submit project ideas, this reached the ears of Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang.

Tan then set down a challenge to his employees – if 10,000 consumers said they wanted the kitty ears design as well, Razer will make the headset.

The rest is history. Needless to say, over 10,000 fans reacted and the Razer KRAKEN KITTY product line was born.

While I am not a hardcore gamer like most of Razer’s fans, the Razer KRAKEN KITTY still appeals to me and I believe, the wider casual gamers or online addicts groups. Firstly, it is just too cute to resist. If pink ears are too cutesy for you, it is available in black as well.

What works for gaming works for enjoying your favourite Netflix shows or other online entertainment as well. The audio quality is fantastic and it makes for a great talking point with friends. Especially not when many people globally are confined to our homes because of the developing Covid-19 pandemic, video-conferencing is commonplace and the Razer KRAKEN KITTY will definitely make you stand out from the crowd compared to your peers or colleagues using regular headsets or earpieces!

Tech Specifications

The kitty ears are not just for show. They are powered by Razer Chroma RGB, featuring 16.8 million colour, a suite of effects and glowing earcups in addition to kitty ear lighting. The lightings are also stream reactive – meaning they can respond to your audience emotes, alerts and shout outs when you are online.

Razer also understands customisation and personalisation is key to winning over the customers’ love. As such, there is a Razer’s Streamer Companion App for you to customise colours and effects.

The spunky headset also features an active noise cancellation microphone so you can sound as good as you look with a retractable high-quality microphone that blocks out background noises.

For those using it to watch movies and stream shows, the Razer KRAKEN KITTY comes equipped with THX Spatial Audio, greater than 7.1 surround sound.

Buy Razer KRAKEN KITTY Online

The Razer KRAKEN KITTY is available for sale online and is retailing at SGD$211.90 in two colours – pink and black:

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