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People defying quarantine all over the world get fired, deported, or hauled back into isolation


We know the feeling of cabin fever, but we all have to pitch in and help fight COVID-19. These people, though, they just don’t get it.

Take a look at COVID-19 positive patients who’ve violated quarantine and made it harder for everyone. Authorities had to quarantine vital frontliners like police, medical staff, and even government workers because these escapees played Mission: Impossible with health officials.

Jennifer Liang, formerly from Bayer

The latest of the quarantine-violators was Jennifer Liang, who went viral in social media videos for jogging in China when she was supposed to be under 14-day quarantine.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the 47-year-old woman was out jogging when her neighbors called the attention of authorities to her activities. She was a recent arrival from Australia and was supposed to be under 14-day quarantine as mandated by Chinese authorities.

The woman, who worked for Bayer Healthcare was reported to the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau for refusing “to cooperate with the community epidemic prevention work.”

When the police caught up with her, she only ran away. She went inside her home even as authorities were following and speaking to her. She also claimed that the police were harassing her. Later, senior police officials visited and reprimanded the jogger, where she tried to downplay the incident.

The Chinese officials weren’t having it, though. They deported her while her company, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, issued a statement saying that they had terminated her employment and that they adhered to all the measures China was making in the fight against COVID-19.

Coronavirus fugitive in the Philippines

Philippine police hunted down have a man who tested positive for COVID-19 in one of the hospitals in the nation’s capital. Details of his escape are unclear, but he was able to leave a Metro Manila hospital despite testing positive for COVID-19.

According to reports from Inquirer, the man tested positive for COVID-19 in Quezon City, and gave them an address in the same area. But upon visiting the man’s home, the people living at the Tandang Sora area address said that they did not know the person the police were looking for. Investigations are being conducted if the man was related to the people in the address he gave them.

The police finally caught up with the patient, who could have infected anyone during his flight from police. He was staying in Barangay Batasan, which is a short drive away from the first address he gave.

He was placed under strict quarantine at his real home, and will only be handed food and medicine.

Runaway groom from India

A man who recently returned from France to his home in India was supposed to be in 2-week quarantine–but he got married in a lavish, crowded event instead!

According to a report from, the man recently returned from France, and was put in quarantine. He escaped quarantine and journeyed to Telangana seven days into his lockdown.

The event occurred in the Warangal town of Telangana on March 19. He violated health protocols to celebrate his wedding, which had a guest list of over 1,000 people.

Attendees of the first day of the event (Indian weddings usually last 3 days to one week) said that no health protocols or social distancing guidelines were followed. No one wore a mask.

The man arrived from France with a friend on March 12. He was arrested after his wedding ceremony, and the festivities were cancelled.

In response to this, government officials have banned large weddings and any large event. He advised people who have already booked events to change their arrangements to be “more low-key.”

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