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Netizens allege China still covering up full impact of Wuhan coronavirus

As the 2019-nCov or Wuhan coronavirus outbreak continues, governments, media, and health officials scramble to control two things–the spread of disease and information.

What Singaporeans should know about the Wuhan coronavirus.

While official reports have cited that there are 81 deaths and above 2,000 infected in China, the first casualty from the capital Beijing was recently revealed, but unconfirmed accounts of what’s really going on inside Hubei province have cropped up all over the internet–specifically on social media and YouTube.

Alleged viral video of a Wuhan resident raging against local officials

An approximately 11-minute video featuring a man of apparent Chinese descent wearing a facemask details a grim account of what is allegedly happening in Wuhan as the virus brought the city to a standstill.

According to the video, which has subtitles, the man said that the situation in Wuhan is very grave, and it much worse than what official reports have said.

He first mentioned the transportation lockdown in the city, which means there is no public transport such as trains, buses, and planes. Gas stations have already stopped selling fuel, which has ground almost all commerce to a complete halt.

Is the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak worse than SARS? Netizens reminisce.

He asked the viewers what was to be done if someone had an emergency such as a heart attack–how would they get to a hospital if there was no transportation? What’s more, emergency numbers allegedly no longer work, and you only get a busy tone when you try to contact someone for a medical emergency.

He also detailed how hospitals are the worst place to be in Wuhan, but it’s the only place you can go if you get sick with anything at all. According to the man, you no longer have to register and you simply line up. The queue lasts for hours, sometimes without treatment. You may be all right before lining up, but you get sick from the people you’re in line with anyway.

He also emphasized how people did not seem concerned about the disease before Chinese New Year. He said you could still see people playing, gambling, walking around in public, and even preparing to celebrate without any face masks on!

The virus outbreak started in December 2019.

Facebook post exposes alleged panic and plight of Chinese medical staff

Another social media post stated that the frontline medical workers have been overwhelmed with the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, and cite extreme supply shortages and panic as their worst obstacles in fighting the spread of disease.

Take a look at the post here:

The post detailed how medical personnel were lucky to have a set of protective gear, and often allegedly used it against regulations, as it was the only one they received. They should toss the gear every time they go into the rest room, but since they know they did not have enough on hand, they would continue using it.

The post also alleged that panicking has started in hospitals, with some more violent patients waiting to be treated getting very violent, ripping open doctors’ and nurses’ protective gowns and shouting, “If I die, why do you or the rest of them deserve to live?”

Even the essential N95 face mask that is one of the only defenses people have against the new virus is in very short supply.

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