No, this is not an episode of “The Hangover” or any other movie showcasing inebriation or dangerous substances putting people in hilarious and precarious situations. A woman named Sharonia Paruntu and a few of her friends were detained for more than fourteen hours after W Hotel Singapore staff notified the police of the presence of a plastic bag containing a white powder in the hotel room. Paruntu and her friends spent November 9 and 10 in jail.

The staff reported the presence of the small bag containing the white powder to the police after they were called up to Paruntu’s hotel room. She and her friends asked assistance from the staff about the glass bathroom door they had shattered, after they allegedly tried to get it open unsuccesfully.

What did the police do?

According to a report from The New Paper, the police said that they arrested a man and three women, with ages ranging from eighteen to nineteen. They had received a tip that people in W Hotel Singapore were in possession of a white powder in a plastic bag.

The young persons were arrested under suspected possession and consumption of controlled drugs. They were released unconditionally at 1:43 the next morning.

The report said, “They were released unconditionally at 1.43am on Nov 11 after preliminary testing on the white powder and their urine samples turned up negative for controlled drugs.”

Sharonia Paruntu told all on her now-defunct Instagram Stories

According to a series of Instagram Stories that Paruntu posted, she said that W Singapore Hotel had given her a birthday to remember, thanks to her run-in with the law.

She related what happened to her and her friends below:

She said that W Hotel Singapore had accused her of possessing drugs, when she only had armpit powder in a plastic bag. The powder was allegedly used to freshen the smell of underarms, and is known as tawas in Indonesia.

She also said that she and her friends were detained for fourteen hours. She also thanked the hotel for a great birthday present.

Paruntu made sure to mention how she and her guests were lead out of the hotel in handcuffs past all the hotel employees and a lot of guests in the lobby. She felt humiliated, since she thought that the other guests would think that she was a criminal.

She said that they were put in a jail cell and treated like criminals in a rough manner for the whole time they were detained.

She also said that she treated her dog better, who ate three times a day–while she and her detained friends ate only once in the whole period they were jailed. She also said that they were forced to sleep on the floor.

Paruntu also included a shot of the bag of powder that got her in trouble.

She also shared the conversation she had with the police.

She initially thought that the police arriving at their hotel room was because of the damaged door, but instead had to let the police search their accommodations to find the white powder.

Paruntu and her friends helped the police find the powder, since the police allegedly said that they would arrest her if she did not cooperate.

The police allegedly asked her to convince him that the powder wasn’t drugs, and she explained that it was tawas. The police man then arrested her anyway and lead her away with handcuffs.

Who is Sharonia Paruntu?

A LinkedIn account with the name “Sharonia Paruntu” shows that she is a student.

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