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Why Learning Latin Is Quickly Becoming A Smart Career Move

You may be reading this because you’re looking for a significant career change in your life. Industries are indeed getting even more competitive than they used to be. And, believe it or not, one of the best changes that you can do in your job is to learn the Latin language.

While many people might still label the Latin language as a “dead language,” it’s never really lost its relevance in the present day. There are still many industries today wherein Latin is very much prevalent.

Here are the following reasons why learning Latin can benefit your career:

1. Helps Improve Your English Grammar

Having excellent language skills is necessary if you want to be globally competitive. The world is getting smaller by the day, all thanks to technology.

Many English words, as well as grammatical rules, are derived from the Latin language. So if your goal is to improve your English language skills drastically, a good foundation of Latin is beneficial.

Here are some concrete examples on how Latin can help improve your English grammar:

  • Dangling prepositions are forbidden in Latin. Hence, many linguists have also found it to be a lousy writing form in English. This principle can guide you as you try to improve your English writing skills.
  • Many English words come from Latin roots. For example, “father” in Latin is “pater” or “patris.” Thus, if you face any unfamiliar word with these roots in the English language, you know that the term is related to a father. For example, paternalism and paternity.

These are only a few of the basics, but this is surely one of the advantages that you’ll reap if you learn Latin.

2. Improves Your Competence In Science Careers

The sciences offer many career options today. If you’re working toward a career in this field, you should know by now that a lot of your terminology comes from Latin. When you have a good understanding of Latin, it becomes more natural and effortless for you to memorize and analyze all the necessary terminology in the field. Moreover,  with an understanding of Latin, it’s easier for you to grasp the bigger scientific terms. Often, Latin terms are related to careers in medicine, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, and even economics.

3. Fosters Accuracy

Learning Latin isn’t just about mastery and perfection. It’s also about the skills that you gain while learning Latin. This language fosters and encourages an exact use and choice of words. While studying Latin, you’re trained to use and understand each word very carefully. This comes from the fact that Latin, in itself, is very hard to understand. You need to study every word, phrase, and grammatical rule so you can compose phrases and sentences correctly.

This kind of attention to detail can sometimes be neglected, especially when you’re so used to communicating in your native language. Learning a difficult language such as Latin helps give your mind the exercise it needs.

In the same way, your attention to detail can translate to other aspects of your life. You’re basically sharpening your mind for tasks that you may encounter in your future career.

4. Boosts Your Skills For A Law And Government Career

Apart from the sciences, the Latin language is also prevalent in law and government. There are many legal phrases and idioms today that actively use Latin words and phrases. Cases are ruled based on Latin phrases that can all be difficult to memorize.

Latin is considered inherent in the life of a lawyer. If your career choice is in line with law, learning Latin will make you more efficient in drafting documents and pleadings. You’ll be able to utilize and present legal terms with ease, as you have a deep understanding of such words. Rather than memorizing legal terms individually, it’s better to analyze and comprehend the meaning of each phrase through its Latin roots.

Examples of common legal jargon that are in Latin include:

  • Pro bono
  • Subpoena
  • Habeas corpus
  • Quorum

5. Opens Career Opportunities Related To Latin

If you’re craving for career growth, you’ll have to be ready to give an immediate yes to every opportunity that comes your way. This includes career opportunities related to Latin. Yes, there are many job opportunities that are related to Latin. With only very few people studying the subject, you could be that new recruit that companies will consider as a top talent.

Examples of Latin career opportunities include:

  • Latin Instructor – This job especially applies to classics majors who also need to study the Latin language. Since not many people have mastered this subject, you’ll have an edge against other job seekers.
  • Museum Curator – This professional works to preserve museum pieces and curates them for display. When it comes to ancient written works, your Latin background will enable you to provide insightful explanations and translations for exhibits and museums.
  • Archivist – An archivist is someone who acquires, manages, and maintains ancient documents for preservation. These documents usually have a historical or cultural significance to the locality you’re working for.


Why Learning Latin Is Quickly Becoming A Smart Career Move - Alvinology

In this day and age, learning a foreign language is more achievable. If you’ve got the time and the desire to learn a new language, then why not? Doing so can be one of the best improvements that you can do for the growth of your career.

Latin is a practical and useful subject to learn. The language is relevant in many disciplines, and it teaches your mind to be more precise. Moreover, you can even open yourself up to more career opportunities.

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